Featured athlete Ethan Bergeron loves playing sports

Laura Murphy, Sports Editor

Ethan Bergeron is a football and basketball player at Sevier Middle. Bergeron does not take part in any other extra-curricular activities. Bergeron is 14 and hopes that his passion for football can take him to the National Football League. His hero is Peyton Manning.

“That is what made me want to play football,” he said.

Bergeron’s greatest moment as an athlete happened when, during a little league football game, he scored the winning touchdown. If he had not scored this touchdown, the season would have been over for his team.

Bergeron’s worst moment as an athlete took place when his basketball team lost in a tournament by only one point.

“The most difficult thing is always making the right reads,” he said.

Bergeron believes the best thing about playing sports is doing the right thing.

“My parents love me playing sports,” he said. “They love to see me play.”

Bergeron says that his dad is his biggest fan because his dad is always helping him and is always there to cheer him on.

Bergeron tries to avoid greasy and junk foods to keep his body in top shape.

“For both football and basketball, I’ll go to workouts once or twice a week, then the rest of the week, everyday I’ll go train by myself,” he said.

Bergeron believes that there are three things needed to be a good athlete: speed, ability to think quick and size.

Bergeron believes what makes him a good athlete is that he trains and works hard and it pays off because he does well.

The atmosphere on the teams is good, according to Bergeron, and it gets better every day.

“Coach Guthrie is a really good coach and he knows what he is doing all the time, and me and him have a very good relationship,” he said.

Bergeron’s favorite subject in school is math. He tries to balance his school life and athletic life by getting all of his work done at school. If he can’t, he tries to do it in the mornings and afternoons.

Bergeron’s advice for fellow athletes is to train and work hard. He loves being able to play sports in school.

“It’s my favorite thing,” he said.

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