Five Questions For: Dwain Arnold

Julianne Tipton, Staff Writer

1. What are your responsibilities as Interim Superintendent of KCS?
The Interim Superintendent is responsible for acting as superintendent as the search for a new leader is conducted. When a new superintendent is found, the interim will also help with the transition as she/he moves into a new role.

2. What was your previous position for KCS and how is being Interim Superintendent different?
My previous position was Chief Academic Officer for Elementary. Essentially, I supervised all aspects of our elementary schools with the goal of providing the best learning experiences possible. The interim role is different in that I am not only responsible for elementary but also secondary. In addition, there is the responsibility to represent and support the entire school system.

3. What do you think is the biggest challenge in Kingsport City Schools faces today?
Our work as educators is a journey that has challenges; however, in KCS we choose to view challenges as opportunities to grow and learn. Our work is multi-layered and there are opportunities in many areas to grow. One area that we continue to work is in the area of innovation. KCS strives to seek innovative solutions to challenges.

4. Do you plan to make any major changes while you are Superintendent for KCS?
My goal is to support our school system and work diligently to make the transition to new leadership one that is positive. We will continue the great work that has begun to provide the best education possible to students.

5. Do you plan to make any major changes while you are Superintendent for KCS?
As Interim Superintendent, I am here to support the transition process and to also continue the great work that is occurring in Kingsport.