Feminism is positive, but it should not go too far

Lili Burleson, Staff Writer

Feminism is defined as an organized movement advocating women’s’ rights. There are many people who are feminists, including singer Beyoncé, comedian Amy Poehler and singer Miley Cyrus. March is even Women’s
History Month. Although feminists have gained women the right to vote in the past, today some can take it too far.
One odd fact is that most people think of feminists as women, or perhaps Hillary Clinton fans, but men can be feminists, too. Actor Ashton Kutcher and singer John Legend are feminists, for example.
In an interview with E! News, Legend claimed that if men cared about women’s rights, the world would be a better place. It’s not just women who care about women’s rights.
Many women struggle with equal rights. They are body shamed and that can cause them to have an eating disorder. Feminism is meant to empower women and make them feel good about themselves. Feminism also
caused women to gain some equal rights. Women got the right to vote because of feminism.
The problem is that, in the world of feminists, there are “hyper-active feminists”. These people sometimes abuse feminism. They might villainize men by saying things like “men take women for granted”.
This type of feminism causes people who are looking at two candidates for a job, one woman and one man, to choose the woman just because she is a woman. All things considered, this is wrong either way. An employer should not choose one candidate over the other just because of their gender.
A fair example of this would be from the movie “The Intern.” According to Forbes, the movie is about a 70-something man attempting to re-enter the workforce. When the retired widower has difficulty finding employment, he opts for a senior internship at a digital fashion startup. The article states that women over 40 shouldn’t be cast aside for millennials.
When it comes to feminism, there are two sides of the seesaw. One side is the side of a feminist and the other side is the side of an anti-feminist. It cannot be balanced; not everyone can be happy. No matter what, there will be someone who is told to do or not to do something because of their gender.
The best feminist is a “mild,” or standard, feminist, meaning they want the seesaw to be balanced enough so no one is treated unfairly.
Recently, I overheard a John Sevier Middle School student telling another student he did not want to tell her that she was acting like a feminist. He acted like it was offensive to call someone a feminist. Feminism has nothing to do with gender. Also, it’s not bad to be a feminist; many good, kind people are feminists.
In some rare cases, people act like feminists to be like their idols or because they were told they should by their friends or family members. This is called a “faux feminist.” They pretend to be “hyper-active feminists” to the public, but instead of participating in women’s marches, they are watching TV and eating a bag of chips.
Many people believe that being a feminist is bad, and to others it is the opposite. We all have our disagreements. Some can look past that, others can’ t. Beyonce’s definition of a feminist, from her song “Flawless,” is “the person who believes in social, political, and economical equality of the
sexes”. It is perfectly fine, amazing, actually, if someone is a feminist and does not “manhate.” That type of feminist has true and kind intentions.

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