First-year teacher joins wellness team


Mikaela Pyatte

Coach Julian Price celebrates during a wellness class. Price joined the faculty of Sevier Middle this year; it is his first job as a teacher.

Julian Price is a new wellness teacher at Sevier Middle. He is one of several new wellness teachers that have stepped in for retirees like Coach David Earles and Coach Liz McQueen. This is his first year as a teacher.

Teaching wellness is Price’s first teaching job after graduating from East Tennessee State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with a focus on physical education.

“I played football at ETSU,” he said. “The reason I became a teacher was because of all the coaches and teachers that poured so much into me as a kid.”

As a middle school student, Price was a bit of a wild kid.

“At first, I was shocked, like in sixth grade,” he said. “But in seventh and eighth grade, I was definitely a wild, wild kid.”

Before attending college, Price attended West Greene High School in Greenville, Tennessee.

Price went into teaching physical education because literacy and other such subjects aren;t really his forte.

“I like to move around and get up and wear shorts,” he said. “Every student is required to take PE at least once, so that gives me an opportunity to make a connection and relationship with each student.”

According to Price, physical education is one of the most important classes in school.

“You have one body and will use that body for the rest of your life,” he said. “You might not use all the math questions or the English language or even the science for the rest of your life, but you will use your body.”

Price also coaches Football and Track.

“At first, I didn’t actually want to be a coach, because I’ve been around sports my entire life,” he said. “I don’t like sports to be my identity as it was growing up. I’m glad I am [coaching] because I can have the same impact that my coaches had [on me].”

Price believes that the best thing about teaching is seeing a student believe in themselves.

“[When] they actually do something and you just see their face light up,” he said. “Like ‘wow, I actually did’, that’s by any means the best thing that could ever happen as a teacher; just seeing the students who finally believe in themselves and excel.”

The most frustrating part of teaching, for Price, is trying to get the student to believe in themselves.

Price describes his teaching style as “energetic”.

“ I love being loud,” he said. “I love getting people going and getting everybody involved. I like fast paced. I like just being goofy. If I can be goofy, then I know my students can be goofy and when you’re goofy, you just have a goofy time.”

Price applied at Sevier fresh out of college even though he didn’t know much about the school.

“It wasn’t until after I got hired that I found out more about Sevier,” he said. “Honestly, I’m glad I came, because I connect and I relate to every single one of these kids and their background stories.”

His hobbies are exactly what most students would expect a wellness teacher to do in his spare time.

“I do love to work out,” he said. “I like to play video games and just hang out with my friends. I also love cats.”

Price has some advice for his students.

“The world ain’t easy,” he said. “In fact, it will keep slapping you in the face. But the best thing you can do is keep fighting and keep going.”