YouTube sensation enrolls at Sevier


DoubleC Squared

A hit on YouTube. Charlie Cox’s YouTube channel, “DoubleC Squared” has over 23,000 subscribers. Cox enrolled at Sevier Middle recently, where many students were shocked to find he is such a big hit on YouTube.

Gabriel Whitehead, Staff Writer

Charlie Cox seems to be an average middle school student with good grades and great friends. When he’s not at school, however, Cox is a YouTube sensation.

Cox was born and raised in Maryland.  After six years, he moved to Washington state and lived there for five years. Finally, he and his family moved to Tennessee, where he enrolled at Sevier Middle at the start of the second semester.

“It’s kind of frustrating because I missed so much school, but now, all of the assignments are from recent lessons,” Cox said.

He was inspired by other YouTubers while he was still quite young.

“One day, my dad asked me if I wanted to start a channel, and I made my first video in May of 2017,” Cox said.

The first video he uploaded to his channel was a video of him singing.

As of now, his channel, “doublec squared” is focused on Roblox and other games, such as Geometry Dash.

“On my YouTube channel, I act kind of differently than I do at school,” Cox said. “My main goal for YouTube is to make others laugh.”

Thanks to his viral videos, he has managed to gain around 23,000 followers. He enjoys making his content for others who find it entertaining.

“When the videos release, I set them so they premiere live on my channel for others to watch and chat,” he said. “My fanbase is very nice and I love talking to them on my discord.”

He currently has had difficulties having time to make his YouTube videos due to school and time management.

“I have many unreleased videos that I can’t find time to release due to school and other projects,” he said. “The release is a breath of fresh air.”

He believes that his best YouTube video would have to be the first, which gained him his number of followers.

“Without that video, I might not be where I am today,” he said.

Cox’s parents have recognized his success from his YouTube channel and have created a merch store. They are supportive of his videos.

“My dad manages my video revenue,” he said. “My mom is also an avid supporter of my channel.”

His peers and classmates have been very supportive of his channel as well. Many have subscribed and watched his videos. Many are surprised by how many followers he has on YouTube.

“They freak out, mainly because they probably have never met someone with that number of fans,” Cox said.

He isn’t convinced that he will be a full-time, professional YouTuber in the future, considering he would have to dedicate most of his time to youtube and editing instead of work and family life.

“I love doing my channel; however, I don’t see myself doing it 10 years from now,” he said.

He also has some advice for others interested in becoming YouTubers.

“It might take a while, but if you keep making videos, maybe my luck will pass on to you,” he said.