“Devious Licks” challenge causes property damage

TOILET THEFT. A toilet has been partially uninstalled in Seviers eighth grade boys bathroom in an effort to steal the toilet. The Devious Licks challenge has caused a lot of property damage at Sevier Middle.

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TOILET THEFT. A toilet has been partially uninstalled in Sevier’s eighth grade boys bathroom in an effort to steal the toilet. The “Devious Licks” challenge has caused a lot of property damage at Sevier Middle.

Broken toilets. Stolen soap dispenser . Outraged teachers and students. The latest global Tik-tok trend, “Devious Licks” is spreading mayhem in schools all across the nation.

“It’s a shame that students are being swept up in a trend that results in the destruction of the property of others,” Hunter Hilton, a middle school art teacher, said.

Many students have been going into restrooms and vandalizing them or stealing items such as soap dispensers. Some have recorded their actions and posted them on TikTok. At Sevier Middle, this has resulted in custodians moving the soap dispensers out into the hallway.

“I’m honestly confused about this,” Ayden Vanover, a 7th grade student, said. “Why would people steal soap? It’s just childish and just stupid.”

The “Indiana Daily Student” has reported that this TikTik trend has caused thousands of dollars worth of damage on the campus of the University of Indiana.

According to New Jersey Radio station 101.5, Haledon, East Brunswick, and Vineland are just a few of the New Jersey High Schools that have been hit with the “Devious Licks” challenge.

Many teachers are outraged about the national TikTok trend.

“Although they may feel ‘untouchable’ or that they will not face any consequences for their actions, the reputation they set for themselves will follow them, and this will hinder the opportunities they are afforded in the future,” Hilton said.

Many students enjoy this trend and find it fun and exciting. They believe they won’t get in trouble for their actions.

“They think they are cool when they really aren’t,” Elijah Thomas, a 7th grade student, said.

What those students don’t realize, however, is that their actions are actually not a fun prank, but illegal. Consequences for their actions will not just happen at school, but in the legal system.

Now, students even fear going to the bathroom.

“I am worried about what’s going to happen or what I am going to see, whether the bathroom is flooded or toilet paper is all over the walls,” Vanover said.

Gaberial Whitehead, a 7th grade student, agreed.

“Of course I am scared,” he said. “Have you seen the boy’s bathroom?”

Many students have felt peer pressure to do the “Devious Lick” challenge to get attention from others.

“Think about the people who are encouraging you,” Hilton said. “Are they laughing? If they are, they do not care about you. They want to see you get in trouble. They just want to see it happen so that they have a story to tell. That’s all you are to them, a story. You’re not a person to them.”

In addition to stealing soap dispensers, students have also dealt with other types of vandalism.

“One time when I went into the bathroom there was soap all over the walls, stalls and floors,” Vanover said.

In Sevier’s 8th grade bathrooms, a student actually attempted to unhook and steal a toilet. The effort was not successful.

Many students are starting to feel gross and unsanitary in the bathroom’s because they can’t use soap or the sinks are stolen.

“I can’t wash my hands now, I feel unsanitary,” Whitehead said.

Since there has been a global pandemic, and flu season is just around the corner, hand washing is now more important than ever.

“The students that are doing the trend should be suspended,” Thomas said.

The best consequence, to some, is to take away the anonymity of those students who vandalize the restrooms.

“Everyone feels more empowered when they are anonymous,” Hilton said. “If you take the anonymity away, most are too scared to perform the action. This speaks to the true intentions of their heart. Tell them nobody will know it was them, they will do things we could never imagine them doing.”