Dating in middle school can be beneficial

ShayLeigh Honaker, Yearbook Editor

Middle school is full of relationships. We have all seen the couples holding hands and walking up and down the hallways. Relationships in middle school have a tendency to end quickly. Who knew that those middle school relationships can actually be beneficial?

According to “A Continuing Study of American Youth”, research has shown that dating in middle school can have many benefits. Teenagers in a relationship often have high levels of self-esteem and self-confidence, for example.

Having high self-esteem and self-confidence is important, especially in middle school, of all places. Middle school can be full of drama that will lower students’ self-confidence. Having that boost of confidence can be really beneficial for teens.

Dating in middle school isn’t just beneficial during the middle school years. It can also prepare students for the real world, as well. Research suggests that teen dating can promote positive developments such as social skills.

Whether in college, during interviews, or on the job, social skills are something that students will use for the rest of their lives. Dating in middle school forces students to be social. They have to get to know the person they are dating. Eventually, they will get to know their friends, too.

Dating in middle school has its benefits and can help students learn how to make big decisions in their lives. This is obviously beneficial for the future. The teen will be prepared for decision making even if it’s a hard decision.

Dating in middle school can offer many benefits. Dating can cause both teens in the relationship to discover something new about themselves.

Dating in general can cause students to go through many different experiences, whether that’s a good experience or a bad one. Theymay discover something new about themselves.

Of course not every aspect of dating in middle school is good. For example, break ups can be difficult.

Teens will learn what break up is and will get an understanding about how it feels. Teens will be prepared and know the risks of getting into relationships. They will know the bad parts of dating and the teens will learn from their past relationships to benefit their future ones.

Dating in middle school is something that people do all around the world. The teens who do date in middle school are more prepared for real life situations. That is why students in middle school should be allowed to date. It’s simply a part of growing up.

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