Former Sevier student, football star returns as a teacher

RETURN TO SEVIER. After time as a student at Sevier and a football player at DB, Ty Hayworth has returned to his former school as a teacher.

Michael Fanning

RETURN TO SEVIER. After time as a student at Sevier and a football player at DB, Ty Hayworth has returned to his former school as a teacher.

Ellie Jackson, Staff Writer

It’s May of 2008. Students are walking onto the Sevier auditorium stage to receive their middle school diplomas. In just a few hours, all of the eighth grade students would be free from the grasp of middle school. One former student in particular would never have imagined that day that Sevier Middle would one day re-enter his life.

After fifteen years, former Sevier student Ty Hayworth is now a teacher at his old school. Hayworth attended Sevier for the entirety of his middle school career.

“I don’t have a clear memory of middle school, but I do remember that I had a lot of fun with my friends and I really enjoyed learning from some great teachers while I was here,” Hayworth said.

Several Sevier customs from Hayworth’s time are still in place.

“One of my most memorable events from middle school was the Washington DC trip,” he said. “I had so much fun with my friends and getting to experience all that DC and Williamsburg had to offer was a blast.”

Hayworth has a great deal of history beyond Sevier, as well. He played football at Dobyns-Bennett High School and even got to play in the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

To his disappointment, he was cut from the team three days after joining, so he had no choice but to move back home unemployed.

Hayworth’s passion for football remained prominent in his career choices. A spot for an assistant football coach at Dobyns-Bennett opened up, and he was quick to accept the offer.

“From there I realized that I found something I was passionate about,” Hayworth said. “I went back to school and obtained my teaching certification.”

Quickly after he furthered his education to learn more about teaching, Hayworth began searching for his first official teaching job. When he saw an opening for a job accommodating his field of work here at Sevier, he was quick to sign up.

“My job here at Sevier is hard to describe, because I do a lot of different things,” Hayworth said. “As the Behavior Mod teacher, I am in charge of teaching positive behaviors and Social Emotional Learning to my students, but at the same time I teach them Math and Reading during academic periods as well.” Hayworth said. 

Returning to Sevier Middle has been a pleasure for Hayworth.

“It is great to be back in a familiar place, but in a new position,” he said.

Despite the fact that he now teaches at Sevier, Hayworth still helps coach football at Dobyns-Bennett. Being a football coach, he has high opinions on extracurricular participation.

“If there is an activity that you are passionate about, you should absolutely do it, but if you are unsure about what you like, give sports a try,” he said. “I’m biased to football, but any sport is great for teaching life skills, leadership, and teamwork.”

Although there are many qualities that Sevier has maintained since Hayworth’s time, things have changed, as well. The teachers have probably changed the most.

“There are just a few teachers that I had in class that still work here,” Hayworth said. “Other than the doors into the front office lobby being put in right after I left, a lot of the school is about the same from when I was a student.”

Even though most teachers from Hayworth’s time are gone, some have remained.

“I had Mr. Baker coach me in football and basketball, Mrs. Watkins and Mrs. Tipton for 7th grade, and I had Mr. Mallick for 8th grade,” Hayworth said. “Mr. Fissel was my tech teacher and I had Mrs. McQueen, coach Earles, and Mrs. Potts for gym class. Mr. Moore even coached me in baseball. 

Working alongside the people that once taught him is not that strange to Hayworth.

“It is cool working with them, because I tend to find myself reminiscing on old times in their classes with them,” he said.

Hayworth has many positive thoughts about his position at Sevier.

“Teaching is everything I thought it would be and more,” he said. “I have such a good time just interacting and getting to know my students everyday. Some days are harder than others, but it is a fun work environment.”

Since working for and inspiring students is his passion, he has some advice for students.

“Give your best effort every day and work to be the best you that you can be,” he said.