Former student journalist pursues a career in journalism

FUTURE JOURNALIST. Former Scribe staff member Madi Codispoti, seen here as a sixth grade student, is a freshman in college and plans to major in Mass Communication.

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FUTURE JOURNALIST. Former Scribe staff member Madi Codispoti, seen here as a sixth grade student, is a freshman in college and plans to major in Mass Communication.

Aly Bogni, Staff

Madi Codispoti is a former member of the Sequoyah Scribe staff. She is now a Freshman in college majoring in Mass Communication.

Codispoti was first introduced to journalism when she joined the Scribe in sixth grade.

“I first got involved with journalism when I joined the Sequoyah Scribe newspaper my 6th grade year,” she says. “I took a break during my 7th grade year, seeing as though I went to a STEM school, and joined the newscast team in 8th grade.”

Being a part of the Scribe in middle school inspired her to get into journalism.

“Being a part of the Scribe helped me discover my love and passion for journalism,” she says. “I tried both aspects offered at JSMS, and ultimately fell in love with the broadcast aspect of journalism.”

Even after middle school, Codispoti still participated in journalism.

“At Dobyns Bennett, I joined the radio club and tried my hand at radio broadcasting,” she said. “I also decided to take the broadcasting classes offered the DB. I also was part of the Yearbook class.”

She was a member of the yearbook staff for two years and an editor during her senior year.

“I also joined the speech and debate team at DB and received 1st place at our district tournament in the ‘TV Broadcasting’ event and 4th in the state tournament,” she said.

In college, Codispoti still stuck to studying journalism.

“I decided to pursue journalism because it was something I enjoyed doing,” she says. “I grew up watching the news with my parents and it was something I saw myself doing in the future. Being part of the Scribe helped to solidify my decision.”

Codispoti made sure that her college had a good journalism program.

“I decided to attend Emory & Henry College in Emory, Virginia,” she said. “This was a good pick for me because they have a great journalism program and a fully functional news studio, with a live broadcast that is aired to the school.” she says.

One of their alumni, Olivia Bailey, even went on to become a news anchor for local news channel WCYB after graduating with a degree in Mass Communication and Public Policy and Community Service.

Codispoti enjoys the interviewing aspect of journalism the most.

“I enjoy getting to do interviews and hearing everybody’s side of the story,” she said. “Gaining that personal connection with the people I was interviewing was such an experience. Hearing about an event is one thing, but getting close to that event and hearing the experiences of those affected is a different feeling.”

Codispoti struggled to decide what kind of journalism she wanted to pursue.

“The most difficult thing for me was finding the type of journalism that interested me,” she said. “There are so many different types of Journalism, including TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. It took me many years to discover the type of journalism that I was most passionate about.”

In 8th grade, while working with the Scribe’s newscast, Codispot filmed and reported on a trip to the Higher Education Center in downtown Kingsport. This was her favorite assignment..

“I interviewed Joe Reedy, the chief meteorologist for ABC 19 news,” she said. “I talked to someone who had taken journalism all the way to college, and got to hear from other 8th graders about their plans for college.”

Codispoti believes every story requires her very best effort.

“Being able to write and produce stories that I was proud of [was most important],” she said. “Almost every story that I have to my name is something I am proud of.”

Codispoti hopes to become a local news anchor, or maybe even appear on the “Today Show”.

“I hope to become a news anchor, starting at a local level and making my way up to bigger and better things,” she said. “A goal of mine has been to possibly work on “The Today Show”,, the news program on NBC.”

Today, Codispoti enjoys writing news reports and interview questions.

“I recently received the Gold Key award in Journalism from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, which nominated me for a national award,” Codispoti said..

Codispoti believes that aspiring journalists need to find what they love doing best in journalism.

“Whether it be TV or newspaper,stick with it,” she said. “If it makes you happy, then you are doing the right thing. Try all aspects of Journalism if you can, giving you a well rounded experience in the world of Journalism.”

Codispoti believes that the Scribe helped her get to where she is today.

“Having these middle school programs is very important,” she said. “These programs helped me to discover my passion and my degree. Without this program, I don’t have a clue what I would be doing.”

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