Kingsport native Greer joins Language Arts staff


Victoria Houser, Staff Writer

Amanda Greer is Sevier’s new 7th grade teacher. This is her first year teaching at the school and she is thrilled to be a part of the Sevier family.

Many people who live in Kingsport were born here, and Greer is one of them.

“I’ve lived here all of my life, except for a year in Atlanta and a year in Knoxville,” Greer said. “I always wanted to move away from Kingsport, until I did and realized how much I missed it. There’s no place like home.”

Students often wonder what teachers were like when they were in middle school. Greer participated in chorus and was a member of the Girl Scouts.

“I was quiet and read all the time,” she said. “I was very much a rule-follower and enjoyed school, with the exception of math. I had the same group of friends since elementary school, so I hung out with my friends a lot.”

Greer decided to become a teacher because it was her passion.

“After I graduated and worked for a bank for a while, I realized that I couldn’t see myself being anything other than a teacher,” she said.

Greer had other jobs before teaching and actually went to college hoping for a different profession.

“I majored in Political Science in college with the intention of being a lawyer,” Greer said. “Towards the end of college, I realized I didn’t want to go to law school.”

Greer went to two different colleges. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from East Tennessee State University and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Tusculum College.

Previous teaching jobs help influence a teacher and help them see if they want to remain a teacher or get a different job. Greer taught 7th grade Language arts at Gresham Middle School in Knoxville and discovered she enjoys working with middle school students.

“I was teaching in Knoxville and missed being close to family and friends,” she said. “Everyone always talked so positively about Sevier, so I thought it would be a good place to work. I was so excited to find out I got the job. I think my mom was even more excited than I was. She screamed when I told her and thought I was just tricking her at first.”

Coming to a new school as a student can be difficult, but coming as a new teacher can be even harder. This was not a problem for Greer.

“It was such an easy transition to come to Sevier,” she said. “Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel at home.”

Greer believes that teaching has many good qualities.

“The best thing about being a teacher is seeing the progress a student makes from the beginning of the year to the end,” she said.

There are also some difficult things that happen while teaching.

“The most difficult thing about being a teacher is trying to get students motivated and to care about their schoolwork,” Greer said. “All of my students have so much potential, and sometimes they don’t work to their fullest capabilities, which is frustrating as their teacher.”

Outside of school, Greer likes to have fun doing crafts and playing with her dog.

“I like to read, knit, cook, and walk my dog Roxy,” she said. “I’m currently learning how to sew and quilt.”

Greer also does some stuff in her free time that her students would never suspect.

“I’ve been studying American Sign Language for over two years,” she said. “My students last year found out I know ASL when they tried to curse in class in sign language, not knowing that I would know exactly what they were signing.”

Greer has had many memorable moments while teaching. Some moments stay with her because of all the joy.

“Last year, a student told me something deeply personal because they said I was the only person they felt they could talk to,” she said. “It reminds me of why I do this job. I want all of my students to know that they have someone in their corner who cares for them.”

Other moments she did not enjoy.

“My least favorite school memory is the mornings,” she said. “I’m not a morning person, so I wish school would start later.”

Greer has a certain teaching style she likes to keep.

“My students would say I’m tough,” she said. “I have high expectations for all my students. There is a lot of writing, classroom discussion and analyzing texts in my classroom. I see a lot of value in productively struggling through hard assignments.”

No matter how tough her students think she is, Greer was nervous when she first came to Sevier Middle school.

“I was a little nervous working with middle school students because I had more experience with younger students.” Greer said. “I quickly got over that when I found out how goofy and fun middle school students can be.”

Greer has some advice for Sevier students.

“Try your best in everything you do,” she said. “Even if something is hard, or you don’t like it or don’t want to do it, always give everything 100%. Once you’re an adult, your boss isn’t going to care if you don’t want to do part of your job.”

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