Student from Alaska makes a new home in Kingsport.

Student from Alaska makes a new home in Kingsport.

Victoria Houser, Staff Writer

Brennen Wade is an eighth grade student at Sevier Middle. He recently moved to Kingsport, Tennessee from Alaska. Wade’s life in Alaska was very different.

Wade has many hobbies, including playing the guitar and the piano. Although he is not involved in any extracurricular activities at Sevier yet, he has thought about getting involved.

“I play some instruments, mainly the guitar and the piano,” Wade said “I am not currently doing any extracurricular activities, but I am thinking about joining the baseball team.”

It was actually his family that brought Wade to Kingsport.

“I came to see my sister, but we ended up staying,” he said.

Living in Alaska differs from living in Kingsport.

“It’s the same as anywhere else, but there are some differences,” he said. “During the summer, the sun is out 24/7 and in winter, we get only 5 hours worth of sunlight.”

Wade lived in Alaska his whole life.

“It was really pretty and really nice,” he said. “Lots of my family lived there and it’s really nice and pretty.”

Although Wade loved living in Alaska, not everything was perfect.

“Winter was my least favorite,” he said. “It’s pretty, but it gets to -20 or -30 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s really cold.”

Wade feels his old school was not all that different from Sevier Middle.

“It was really nice, but from what my friends are saying, it has changed,” he said.

When students hear “Alaska”, they instantly think a cold, snowy place.

“Yeah it is true, but summer is warmer and nicer,” Wade said.

Most people think that people living in Alaska go ice fishing or use sled dogs, but that is actually not true.

“I have never been ice fishing, I have never seen a sled dog, and no, I haven’t seen a glacier,” Wade said.

Wade used to do things in Alaska that he can’t actually do in Kingsport, Tennessee.

“I can’t build a snowman here,” he said.

Although he misses his family members who still live in Alaska, he’s glad to live in Kingsport.

“I miss my family,” he said “I don’t miss the cold.”

Wade is still in contact with some of his friends from Alaska, through Snapchat. He has also made some new friends at Sevier.

“I have made some friends, and I guess it helps when you’re from Alaska,” he said.

Wade’s favorite part of living in Kingsport would probably be having a fresh start. His least favorite part of living in Kingsport is the weather.

“The heat would most likely be my least favorite part about living in Kingsport,” he said.

Although he sometimes misses Alaska, his family considers Kingsport home now.

“I wouldn’t [move back to Alaska],” he said. “I would visit, but not move back. We have adjusted well, since we have actually been living here for 8 months.”

Even though moving to a new school might seem fun, Wade had some difficulties adjusting.

“Not knowing anyone was hard,” he said.

Wade has some advice for students who move to a new school.

“All I have to say is be ready for anything and try to talk more,” he said.

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