Five questions for Larry Shively

Emily Stewart, Staff Writer

  1. What is the job of the KCS Athletic Director? What do your duties include?

I am the Administrator of our athletic and activity programming in the Kingsport City School district.  This position is tasked with ensuring that our student athletes have a world-class experience as they progress though our school system.  My duties as the Athletic Director include oversight of the entire Athletic Department-coaches, support staff, and student-athletes.  Some of my tasks include scheduling of games, athletic finances, transportation to events, fundraising for our teams, and marketing of our schools and athletes.


  1. How have your previous experiences in education prepared you to be the KCS Athletic Director?

I am a product of Kingsport City Schools! I attended Jefferson, Sevier, and Dobyns-Bennett.  I was a history teacher and coach for 19 years, with the majority of my career spent at Science Hill High School.  I also served as the Head Football Coach at Happy Valley High School for 5 years.  I still view myself as an educator and coach.  My time in the classroom, as an assistant coach at a large, rival school and then as the Head Coach at a smaller school all have been invaluable in shaping how I attack this position. Every decision that I make focuses on our students.  We keep the student-athlete first in all that we do.


  1. What do you believe is the biggest strength of KCS’s athletics? What is an area where KCS’s athletics could still improve?

We have so many incredibly gifted student athletes and coaches in our school system.  We have administrators who are very supportive of our mission.  It truly is a world-class place to teach, coach, and participate in co-curricular activities and athletics.  Kingsport City Schools has an unrivaled tradition of success in the classroom and on the courts and fields.  Our people are our strength!  Our Athletic Department is always looking to improve the experience that our student athletes have in our school system.


  1. Why do you believe athletic programs are an important part of education?

The Kingsport City Schools Athletic Department is committed to excellence in co-curricular activities and athletics while supporting the educational mission of Kingsport City Schools.  The involvement in co-curricular activities has several positive benefits for the student-athlete, the school system, the community, and eventually our country.  Multiple national studies have shown that athletes earn higher grades, have better attendance and have fewer behavioral problems during their season.  Participation in athletics provide lifelong lessons of teamwork, self-discipline, time-management, and handling success and failure with class.


  1. Are there any changes or improvements you hope to make to KCS’s athletics? If so, what are they?

Relentless pursuit of continuous improvement is an institutional habit in the Kingsport City Schools Athletic Department.  We want to provide an unmatched athletic experience for our student athletes. This will require everyone involved in our program to have “all of our arrows pointed in the same direction.”  We are in a constant state of evaluating our processes and procedures to ensure that we have top notch programs.  Finally, we want to repeat, reinforce, and never compromise our Core Values!

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