Baseball player Carsen Simpson joins team, has great experience

Laura Murphy, Staff Writer

Carsen Simpson is a Varsity and JV baseball player at Sevier Middle. Simpson is 12 years old
and loves to play baseball and basketball. He also plays recreational basketball and travel baseball.
Simpson did not try out for baseball during his 6th grade year.
“My friends motivated me after I did not try out in 6th grade,” he said.
This tryout started his career as a baseball player. Simpson trains to be a great athlete by going to Sevier’s new conditioning class with Coach Fleming.
Simpson describes the atmosphere on the team as good. All the players gets along with
each other.
“My coach is amazing,” he said. “He keeps me up when I get down. Our relationship is good. I like him and he likes me.”
Simpson believes that his mom is his biggest fan.
“She cares for me, loves me, and yells at me to make me strive for more,” he said.
Simpson says that his dad is his role-model.
“He taught me how to do a lot of the things that I love,” he said.
Simpson says that his parents are supportive of his athletic choices.
“They love that I participate in sports,” he said.
Simpson hopes to continue playing baseball during high school, college, and beyond. His passion is to play in the Major League.
Simpson says that his worst moment as an athlete was when he slid into 2nd base and sprung his ankle.
Simpson says that his best moment as an athlete was when he made a diving catch to save the game.
“It was the last inning and there were 2 runners on and we were up by one,” he said. His favorite part of baseball is making good plays. His least favorite part is waiting on the bench and doing nothing. Simpson feels amazing when he wins, and when he loses, he feels bad, but he doesn’ t put himself down.
“The most satisfying thing is making a hit when you need to or making a tough catch,” he said.
Simpson balances school and sports by doing his homework as soon as he gets home so that he can be sure he gets it finished.
Simpson thinks that the necessities to be a good baseball player are to give 100% effort no matter what, never give up, make good grades, and have great work ethic. Simpson believes that he is a good baseball player because he has talent, effort, respect, and is responsible.
He has some advice for his fellow athletes.
“Keep striving and don’ t give up,” he said.

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