Jaxon Colobro leaves mark on Sevier court


Jack Weakley

Jackson Colobro, blocks his Robinson Middle opponent, number 34, during the annual Tribe Classic basketball game. Colobro is a dedicated athlete who spends more time practicing than on electronic devices.

Jasmine Blackburn, Staff Writer

Jaxon Colobro is a well-rounded middle school athlete. He plays three different sports, basketball, football and baseball and aims to leave his mark on Sevier athletics.

“My grandfather played baseball and loved it, so I wanted to try it,” Jaxon said.

His father had played football and basketball so he was inspired to try those sports, too.

Hitting his first home run in baseball is the best sporting memory for Colobro.

“In that moment, it felt like all of my hard work had paid off,” he said.

Like any athlete, Colobro has had some bad experiences, too.

“When I broke my collarbone,” he said. “I wasn’t able to play for a while.”

Colobro believes that to be a good athlete you have to always work hard. He spends a lot of his free time practicing.

“If you do take time off, you will fall behind the others who work harder than you,” he said. “Work ethic [is key] because you will never get any better at anything if you don’t work on it.”

He also doesn’t have a specific diet to stay fit.

“I don’t believe that younger athletes need to be on a diet, but I do make sure to not eat too much,” he said.

Colobro believes that his family are his biggest fans. There’s not just one person specifically.

“Everyone in my family tries to make it to every game I have,” Colobro said.

The most difficult sport Colobro plays is baseball.

“You have to have a good state of mind and you can’t say negative things inside your head,” he said. “When you do get that or or strike out, it’s very satisfying.”

Playing for a coach who is also your father has some unique challenges.

“He is very hard on my and stays on to me a lot because he is my dad and he wants me to be the best me,” Colobro said.

His family, including his dad, like that Colobro is involved in athletics.

“I’m always staying active and healthy,” he said.

Colobro’s most recent team, the Sevier basketball team, got along well with each other.

“We all have good chemistry, so we get along pretty well,” he said.

Colobro believes practicing to be a better athlete requires sacrifice.

“I’m not on electronics very often at home,” he said.

Colobro hopes to continue being an athlete in college, at least.

“It depends on what happens after that,” he said

He also has some advice for his fellow athletes.

“Keep working and don’t give up,” he said.