Sevier athletes do not need a “proper” soccer program


Ben Pitman

STRUGGLE FOR THE BALL. The Sevier and Robinson indoor soccer teams face off. Soccer is a short activity at Sevier, lasting just about one month and featuring no jerseys of formal games.

There are always a lot of athletic events happening in school. Sevier has many organized sports teams. From football, to basketball, to cross country and golf, there is something for everyone. Some soccer fans, however, want more.

Sports are extremely good in bringing people together in these times and assisting in the manifestation of joy among students. The thing is, Sevier has enough sports teams. Sevier does not need another sport.

Indoor Soccer in Kingsport City Schools features several smaller teams at both Sevier and Robinson that play against each other. There are no soccer fields, no other schools, no uniforms. The whole thing lasts about one month, not a full sports season

Some people would like soccer to become a full sport at Sevier, with uniforms and many schools involved. That simply won’t work.

The sports teams Sevier already don’t have the right equipment, so throwing in a sport that needs more equipment would be difficult for the school. The baseball team already doesn’t have a field. The track isn’t regulation. The sports we do have already don’t have everything they need.

There’s definitely not a soccer field at Sevier. Where would a team like that play?

Another reason is that Sevier has many students playing multiple sports during the school year. Students who play football often also run track or play basketball. Would student athletes even have time to be on or play on a Sevier soccer team?

We even have the problem of who would even compete with a Sevier soccer team. There are no real soccer teams at the middle school level in this region. Dobyns-Bennett High School has a soccer team, and there are plenty of opponents for them to play. In middle school there’s nobody. There would be no point in creating a soccer team if they wouldn’t have anyone to compete against.

Are all of these problems too big to overcome? Of course not. Some parents could come together and buy the equipment. Some students could bring in their equipment. At the new Sevier building, which will be ready in two years, there could even be a soccer field.

The team still wouldn’t have opponents to play against. That problem is too big to overcome.

Students should be glad indoor soccer exists at Sevier and stop complaining that there isn’t more. There are a ton of different sports at Sevier to play.

Sevier Middle will be just fine without a soccer team.