Commentary: school spirit is about more than just making noise

SPIRIT AT THE GAME. The crowd cheers at a Sevier football game. School spirit is about more than just cheers at the game.

Aubrie Simpson

SPIRIT AT THE GAME. The crowd cheers at a Sevier football game. School spirit is about more than just cheers at the game.

Camille Carter, Staff

Imagine students at a football game. Everyone is screaming and clapping, because to students, that is school spirit. Is showing school spirit just about making noise at a football game or pep rally? There is a lot more to showing school spirit than cheering the loudest.

Although yelling and shouting at a sports event is showing some school spirit, students can do so much more. So, why stop there?

One way to show school spirit is taking care of the school building. There are a lot of ways students can take care of John Sevier Middle School. Students can pick up some trash in the hallway. They can also take care of everything in the classrooms they use everyday, such as glue sticks, scissors and textbooks.

Another common problem is unnecessary activity in the bathrooms. Showing respect and giving privacy to other students using the bathroom is the way to go.

Along with respect to students, it is expected that students show respect to the school custodians. When students make a mess in the bathrooms, all it does it create problems. It makes a mess for the custodians and gets students into trouble.  It does not hurt to make sure the bathrooms are clean and safe

Another way to show school spirit is helping other students. Students should never hesitate to help another student in any way. This means, if someone drops their books, help pick them up, help a new student who may not know where to go, and be willing to sit with new people at lunch or in class and to show school spirit in how the restrooms are used.

It is also important that students don’t bully one another or be rude to each other in any way. Those kinds of actions are not necessary. Students who are bullied tend to feel isolated, alone and unsafe at school. Treating fellow students or peers unkindly is the opposite of showing school spirit.

An effective way to show school spirit is to take pride in the school. This means that students take pride in their own achievements, knowing the school has helped them reach their goals. Imagine if every student at John Sevier cared as much about their TNReady scores as about football, or if every student wanted to help each other get high test scores?

Showing school spirit has a positive outcome. A study by Harris Polls, for example, has shown that students that have lots of school spirit have better grades and are more engaged in learning. They also have a better attitude and are happier in general.

On the other hand, a lack of school spirit has undesirable results.  Studies also show that students who do not have school spirit tend to be not as happy and struggle in school a bit more. School spirit can affect how well students do in school and that will definitely have an impact on their future.

With this in mind, it is clear that it is important to build students’ school spirit, because that will build up student achievement and happiness.

Students need to take care of each other and their school building, so when they go to a sports event, they can proudly say that they are a student at John Sevier, not just because the team won, but because the whole school is great in general.

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