Destiny Ledoux looks back on basketball season

Destiny Ledoux looks back on basketball season

Olyvia Fleming, Yearbook Editor

Every athletic team has one player whose effort and dedication make them stand out. For Sevier’s girls basketball team, that player is Destiny Ledoux.

Ledoux is an 8th grade student. This is her second year playing on the varsity girls basketball team.

Ledoux has been playing basketball since second grade

“When I was in first grade, I did cheer and I didn’t like cheer so I quit,” she said. “The next year, I decided to do basketball and I kept doing it since.”

Participating in sports always has high and low points. Ledoux particularly enjoys making new friends and gaining court knowledge.

Her least favorite part of this season was a weather-related problem.

“At T.A. Dugger, after the snow, there was salt on the floor and everyone was sliding around,” she said.

Ledoux has a great relationship with her coaches and teammates.

“I get along great with my coaches [and] the atmosphere of the team is good and fun,” she said. “My teammates and I get along by helping one another and teaching each other things that we need help with or do not know.”

Being a good athlete takes more then just practicing with the team and coaches.

“The way I stay fit and skilled for basketball is walking and running everyday,” Ledoux said. “I go outside and shoot ball anywhere I can. Also, I eat well and do sports before and after because sports help me get better.”

The annual Tribe Classic is a big event for basketball players. It allows them to play their rivals, Robinson Middle, in the Dobyns Bennett Dome in front of a huge audience.

Ledoux thought that the Tribe classic was a fun event.

“It was fun because it was my first year actually getting to be able to play on the Dobyns Bennett court,” she said.

Ledoux hopes to continue playing basketball through high school, college, and even play professionally one day.

Ledoux also has advice for her fellow teammates and aspiring basketball players

“Practice hard everyday and do not give up,” she said. “Keep trying, no matter how hard it is. Let your education and your basketball skills take you further.”