Robinson is not the right rival for Sevier Middle

Sarah Arreola, Staff Writer

A Sevier football player is getting ready to compete against the teams biggest rival, Robinson Middle School. Each school holds a pep rally to get psyched up. The fans are yelling, cheering on their team. This game is so important to the football players.

What’s the use of going through all this trouble when students from both schools will be going to the same high school and will be playing on the same team?

Sevier and Robinson football games are always a big deal because it’s the only two city middle schools playing a football game against each other. The rivalry puts a lot of stress on the coaches, and the players act like it is a huge deal. It is, however, just like any other game.

If the players and students did not make such a huge deal out of this one game, there wouldn’t be as much stress put on teammates and coaches. They would be focused on the game and not on the rivalry. It should be treated like a normal game.

Sports events are fun and are so important to the schools and the teammates. It feels useless, however, because the teammates from the two different schools usually decide to play football in high school and end up playing on the same team. What’s the point of this rivalry if the two teams will become one team soon?

The rivalry with Robinson makes it seem like the school across town is worse than Sevier Middle, even though both schools are amazing schools. Without making a big deal out of this rivalry, neither of the schools would see the other school as an enemy.

Robinson and Sevier should ease up on this rivalry and treat it like any other football game. The students should start treating the other school and its students well and have a high regard for each other. They will, after all, be classmates soon.

Having such a strong rivalry also can make fans unable to admit that the team their school was playing against simply was better. A Sevier student should be able to say that a Robinson player was better, or really good at playing, with no shame. However, because emotions are always running high in rivalry football games, students don’t feel they can say that the other team was better without feeling ashamed. Students should be able to recognize excellent athletes, even when they come from a different school.

The whole deal the schools go through for a rivalry is pretty useless. Both schools should treat the rivalry like any other game, since it really is. It would cause less stress for coaches and players, and students wouldn´t be ashamed to say that the other team was better.

We are all “One Tribe”. Time to start acting like it.