Move to new school building set to change athletics

Laura Murphy, Sports Editor

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In a few short years, Sevier Middle School will be moving from its current building to the Sullivan North building. Sevier will then have more sports facilities., including a dedicated baseball field, a regulation track, a football field, and even a cross country course. Sevier’s current building has none of those things. The move to the North building could make some big changes to Sevier’s athletics department. One question often asked is if the school should keep its current name and colors. David Koth, a JV baseball
coach, believes it should.

“Yes, I love the red and white,” he said. “Robinson is blue and white. I grew up with that and believe that it should stay that way.”

Christopher Carr, an assistant baseball coach, disagrees.

“Since all of the elementary schools are named after deceased presidents, I think it would be neat if the middle schools were both named after either presidents, or historical state figures,” he said.

Carr believes that is unlikely to happen because the school system would also have to rename Robinson Middle School. Both Carr and Koth believe that with the move, Sevier would be able to hold home football games because the football field is a sufficient size for a middle school. Another problem at Sevier that might be fixed with the move is limited space for each sport. Carsen Simpson, an eighth grade student, believes that all the sports team will be able to practice whenever they want. Madison Park, also an eighth grade student, agrees.

“I think that it will give them better practice equipment and help them improve,” she said.

Koth is optimistic about the change.

“We will have our own baseball field and we won’t have to go anywhere,”
hesaid. “It’s going to be great.”

Carr thinks that baseball often can’t find places to practice and, softball is nice enough to let baseball use their field, but all of these problems should be fixed with the move.

“I think more people are more likely to attend the games after the move,” Simpson said.

Park agrees that people will be more likely to attend games, but only if the teams are good.

“In baseball, we typically have a low turnout for games,” Carr said.”Having games on campus should increase attendance.”

Koth hopes that the move will help attendance, too.

“We’ re just going to need a product that the students will like and make them show up,” he said.

Finally, should Sevier still hold the Tribe Classic at Dobyns-Bennett after the move, especially when the school has space to do it in the new building? Koth thinks that even though Sevier will have a nice facility, it still needs to be at the dome. Simpson agrees.

“We need to keep it at DB so that the tradition can continue,” he said.

Carr thinks that it is important to hold the Tribe Classic at DB to foster a sense of unity between the two middle schools.

“While that would make the logistics of the TC much easier, I think that would take away from the purpose of the games, which is to bring both schools together at Dobyns-Bennett, and give our teams a chance to play in the dome,” he said.

In just a few short years, the face of Sevier Middle athletics will dramatically change.

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