Former student returns to school as dance coach

Chloe McConnell, Staff Writer

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What if the student became the coach, and instead of learning started teaching. At their old middle school nonetheless. Well the new coach Chloe Lowe knows what it’s like, because that is exactly what she has done.

“I have danced since I was four years old, and have been trained in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hip, contemporary, and a few others,” Lowe said. “I was on the Sevier dance team as well as being a Spirit Shaker at Dobyns- Bennett High School. Dance has always been an outlet for me and a way that I can express myself.”

Lowe hopes her passion will inspire some great things from the dance team next year. In fact, it could inspire a student to coach dance themselves when they get older.

“Not much has changed since I was in school at Sevier,” she said. “Some teachers have left and new ones have filled their place. Other than the faculty changing, there isn’t much difference in the school from when I was a student here until now.”

It is interesting to think that Sevier hasn’t changed, that it is still the same. Except maybe being painted our actual school colors.

“My relationship with the student dancers is to first be their coach, and second is to be their mentor,” Lowe said. “I was blessed with the best coaches and dance teachers growing up, and now I am able to call them family. I want that for my girls. I tell them all the time that they are my second family, but I am sure that they understand that I am their coach as well. They are such hard working girls and I am very lucky to be able to mentor them and teach them as much as I can about dance, and all I can about what it means to be a good role model.”

Lowe loves the opportunity to teach young dancers that share her passion and love for dance.

“Dance is such a passion for me and the fact that I able to teach and share my love of dance with young dancers is an honor,” she said.

While coaching the dance team, she is attending college and also teaching and coaching dance at another place. She hopes to share some of this ambition with the student body.

“Last year I was the choreographer for the dance team throughout the entire year,” Lowe said. “As the choreographer, I made up all of the dances and taught them to the girls. Having worked with all of the wonderful girls on the team, I quickly began finding my love for coaching.”

Toward the end of the year, she was asked if she might be interested in coaching the dance team the upcoming year.

“I was absolutely thrilled,” she said. “I was offered the job, I accepted, and I began working as soon as I was able. This is a dream come true, and I am so thankful for everyone who gave me this opportunity.”

Lowe pushes the girls to do their best, but finds it most important for them to work together and grow as a team.

“I make sure that they do the work that they need for themselves as members,” Lowe said. “I let them know the importance of having a good relationship with their teammates.”

Lowe motivates and pushes her students to do the very best they can and to do all they can to succeed at it.

Lowes favorite moment of coaching the team this past season was when they performed at the tribe classic.

“The girls learned that dance over a very short amount of time,” she said. “They worked hard, and put tons of time into practicing. Their performance at half time was wonderful and seeing how happy they were with their performance made me proud.”

Lowe loves to dance, but she decided it wasn’t the right choice to pursue it as a career

“I decided that dancing as a career was not something that I was going to pursue, however I knew that I did not want to give up dancing all together,” she said. “With that decision I was able to work as a dance instructor at a dance studio, and now I am able to be the coach of the Sevier dance team.”

She has a goal for coaching the dance team, she wants its members to show spirit, cooperation, self-discipline, and dignity.

“Our main goal as the dance team is to promote better school spirit and sportsmanship, to maintain team spirit and cooperation, to train the dancers in self-discipline, and to represent our school with dignity,” Lowe said.

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