The Time has Come to Fight Climate Change

Imagine a world where pollution masks are normal attire, where devastating floods happen every week and where there is so much pollution that people can’t even see the tops of buildings.

Imagine a world without any flowers or leaves, without the North or South Poles, a world where over fifty percent of the animals are extinct.

Unless we change our ways, this world will become a reality. Unless we end climate change, this world will be our destiny.

Some question if climate change is real. Is the fact that, according to, over 700 species are facing extinction because of climate change not real enough? How about the fact that world wide flooding could triple by 2030?

Climate change is a real problem for our generation and the generations that follow.

Climate change also causes heavy rainfall. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, as average temperatures in regions across the country go up, more rain falls during the heaviest downpours.

According to NASA the surface of the ocean has risen by 30%, since 1852. If this trend continues, there will be more frequent flooding. The economy would suffer, and poverty rates would skyrocket because of flooding, which causes a lack of shelter and destroys food and water sources.

Most scientists agree that the cause of climate change is simple. The greenhouse gases that humans emit into the world are becoming trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases trap heat on the planet, turning the Earth into a microwave. As human beings generate pollution and release chemicals into the air, it causes ocean levels to rise, which in turn creates floods and unclean water.

According to NASA, current warming is occurring roughly ten times faster than the average rate of ice-age-recovery warming. Since greenhouse gases have become relevant, our oceans and lands have been heating faster, creating problems that are difficult, or even impossible, to reverse.

In November of 2015, the U.S. signed the Paris Climate Accord along with the 184 parties who agreed to it. The accord pledged to cut down on the use of coal for power and diesel for cars. The countries also pledged to keep money flowing towards the cause. However, in 2017, President Donald Trump withdrew from this agreement due to economic concerns.

Although his point is valid, the U.S. not be helping end climate change at all could anger many countries and may decrease trade with the countries involved. The countries who were involved in the accord are probably angry at the U.S. because it supported 14.3% of the funding needed for the accord to work.

Global warming is a big issue. Although we may not be able to stop greenhouse gases, or stop the ice caps from melting, we can fight climate change little by little. Reducing the use of vehicles that emit carbon pollution into the air, turning off all the lights, and unplugging chargers when done using them is the right place to start. Even just raising awareness of climate change can make all the difference.

We are the next generation. We shouldn’t just sit and watch our world be destroyed.We can end global warming. It starts with us.

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