More students should attend athletic events.

Sarah Arreola, Staff Writer

An athlete walks out onto the field, hyped up to play one of the most important games of the season. He has a smile on his face. Then he hears the crowd, looks over toward the stands and sees that the bleachers are not filled with people. There is a smile still on his face, but behind that smile, this athlete feels let down and ignored.

There are all sorts of different types of sports for everyone. However, when it comes to athletic events at Sevier Middle, not a lot of people attend. Why is that?

When games take place somewhere that parents need to take them, most of the time, students can not attend because their parents are still at work. Many students would come to games if they had a ride or if parents weren’t always so busy.

Another reason the seats are not filled with students is that they just aren’t interested in going. Students are usually busy and have zero interest in going to an athletic event.

Times have changed. Mostly, students are occupied with watching a movie on Netflix or playing a game of “Fortnite”. So, if students have a ride and are able to go, the only thing holding them up is the internet.

Sevier’s athletes work really hard to be able to compete. It’s not that hard to take an hour or two out of the day to support the team.

Athletic events used to be a place where students would make new friends or start a relationship with someone. Social media has changed all of that. If students needs to talk to someone, they use a phone. If they are bored and want to play a game, they have a phone. If they want to see if their friends are throwing a party, they check Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook on their phones. Today, friends are just one click away.

So, what is the use of going out into the real world to make some friends? Well, you never really know who your talking to behind a screen. If you go out, you know who you are talking to; it is not just a picture, it is actually someone real standing in front of you. An athletic event is a great place to meet new people and make new friends.

It is important to show up to athletic events because when there is a big crowd, the athletes feels inspired. Big crowds help them win rather than lose. A lot of people in the stands stops them from feeling let down and ignored.

If a lot of people don’t come, the players will feel like nobody cares, so they won’t put in their best effort. A cheering crowd plays a big role in competitive sports events. It affects the team.

Another reason it is important to go to the events is that the money people pay supports the team. The gear that they need costs money. Since not a lot of people are going to the games, they don’t have enough money for the things they need.

School is supposed to be a community where students support each other and have each other’s back. So, when a student does not attend any games and does not have a legitimate excuse, they don’t have their classmates’ backs. They are letting the athletes down.

Sports can be a lot of fun and the athletes work hard to win their games. Students should put everything aside and go to a game once in a while. The athletes work hard and deserve their classmates to be there to support them.