Early Lunch Times Commentary

Sara Stefan, Staff Writer

This year, the 7th grade of John Sevier Middle School has been assigned to have lunch at 10:20 am. A lot of students, 7th grade or not, thought that this was very early. Quite frankly, anybody who didn’t have this thought must have very extreme standards for “early”.

Therefore it’s not a question of whether this lunch is early or not. The real question: is this good or bad?

There are several ways an early lunch can be a good thing. Since it is the first lunch of the school day, 7th grade students always get the fresh food. This definitely seems like a good thing.

Having an early lunch trains students to have an earlier breakfast, meaning if they have an early breakfast, then they can have breakfast more often.

Lastly, there is always a lot of talking during lunch; so it helps students to be quiet during class. Also, lunch takes place right after related arts classes, so it gives students time to cool down for a bit.

However, there seem to be a lot of reasons why an early lunch is a bad thing. When students get to lunch, they aren’t hungry because they already had breakfast.

This lunch schedule can be a big problem for after-school clubs. Most students eat breakfast around 6:30 or 7:00 am. Then they eat again and 10:00 am, but don’t have anything to eat until they get home which is around 3:00 for most students. But a lot of students are in clubs that could possibly keep them at school until around 5 o’clock. That could be potentially 7 hours without anything to eat.

Also, some students feel that they should wait before eating after they have exercised, yet a lot of 7th grade students have to eat right after gym class. Eating right after working out can be difficult for students.

It is pretty clear that there are both pros and cons to the 7th grade students having a very early lunch. It does seem to not only to have a great deal of cons, but the cons also seem very important.

It seems to be dangerous to go somewhere near 7 hours without eating, especially for growing tweens or teens. Also eating right after exercise can also seem risky for students.

Therefore, this early lunch is a bad idea. The school should rethink how it schedules lunch, so that all students can have lunch at a reasonable time.