Tribe Time should not return next year

Conner Hall, Web Editor

At the beginning of this school year, Sevier Middle’s administrators introduced “Tribe Time” to the schedule. “Tribe Time” is a 40 minute block of time at the end of each day designed for extension or intervention of learning. Since the school year is coming to anend, maybe it is time to ask: should it return next year?
To make “Tribe Time” possible, 10 minutes were taken away from each academic class. This may not seem like much, but this can severely impact how much learning can occur in a class period. With ten minutes
less, there are now 50 minutes less of learning per week in each class. That’s 450 minutes per quarter, or 1800 minutes per school year. That’s 30 hours per class less each school year.
While most teachers are probably against “Tribe Time” most students seem to enjoy it. This is because most students consider it a “free period”. It is not surprising that teachers often believe “Tribe Time” it is a waste of time.
Due to the reduced time in classes, some teachers may not have been able to cover all the standards properly. This leads to teachers having to cram information into students’ brains for the “TNReady” tests. This does not help students who need time to process and understand information to become proficient.
While 40 minutes seems like a long time considering the amount of homework most teachers are giving students these days, it is hard to do it all in less time. While students are at home, they have other things they want to do so they put pressure on themselves to get all their homework done at school, especially during “Tribe Time”. This means that the quality of student work is taking a “nosedive” because students are rushing to finish all of their work in 40 minutes.
Originally, “Tribe Time” was intended for intervention, to help students who are failing classes, and for extension, to give other students more of a challenge. This actually sounds pretty good on paper, but it was never properly implemented. Instead, it seems like most students spend “Tribe Time” working on homework.
On paper, “Tribe Time” sounds just like what our school needs. However, this year, it has been more “free time” than “serious, productive working time”. Unless there are big changes next school year, “Tribe Time” should not return.

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