Cameras in classrooms make sense for educational and safety reasons

SAFETY FIRST? A security camera watches over students in a staircase at Sevier Middle. A recent bill proposed putting cameras in classrooms, too.


SAFETY FIRST? A security camera watches over students in a staircase at Sevier Middle. A recent bill proposed putting cameras in classrooms, too.

Security cameras are present in the school hallways, but they should also be in classrooms. In Iowa, a bill was proposed that would have put cameras in all public school classrooms, save for physical education and special education classes. Although the bill did not become law, it was a good idea.

Classroom cameras have many perks, such as monitoring student behavior, stopping theft, evaluating teachers and allowing parents to see what is going on in classrooms. Over 75% of public schools use cameras in the hallways, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Kingsport City Schools should use cameras in classrooms, too.

Cameras can help monitor student behavior. If a student misbehaves, teachers and parents can look at the footage and see what really happened. The footage would make sure only guilty students are punished.

Cameras can also be used to check to see what happens if a teacher leaves the room, or if there is a substitute. That way, teachers can check on their students even when they are not there. Giving teachers access to the cameras would be really helpful.

If students knew that their parents were watching what they do in class, it would also help to reduce behavior problems. Most students would not want to misbehave in front of their parents.

Cameras can also be used to stop theft and catch the students who steal. If something goes missing, or a student steals something from a classroom, cameras can help put a stop to the theft.

Sevier Middle already has cameras in the hallways to stop the theft of things like soap dispensers, so adding cameras to classrooms would ensure even more security from theft.

Adding cameras to classrooms would also help administrators and parents evaluate teachers and make sure they are actually teaching the students. That way, if a teacher is not teaching or is teaching something incorrectly, administrators can see the problem and do something about it.

Cameras can also be used for teachers to share their lessons with others. Teachers can share videos to show other teachers their lessons. A live stream could even be used to help absent students learn.

If a parent wants to know what happens at school, cameras in classrooms will allow them to see that. They will allow parents to see what their child is learning in class. If a parent doesn’t like what their child is learning, they address their complaints with the video as evidence.

Some people say that cameras in classrooms are an invasion of privacy, or that anyone can see the footage. These are valid points, but the advantages far outweigh these concerns.

There should be cameras in every single classroom across Kingsport City Schools.