Editorial: New Sevier building does not need new school colors


Taishawna Davis

NOT AS GOOD. This Scribe cartoon argues that the new Sevier Middle building may not be able to live up to the memories of the original.

The Editorial Board, Staff Writer

Buying a house is an exciting experience for anybody. The house gets turned from the old owner’s tastes into a brand new style that is ready to create new memories. This is what is happening to Sullivan North’s old building. It will soon be the new home of John Sevier Middle School.

Why should the Raiders expect, however, that Sevier Middle will keep up their old traditions and colors?

Recently, members of the Kingsport Board of Education brought up the idea of adding gold to Sevier’s school colors. Sevier Middle’s school colors have always been red and white.

The purpose of adding gold would be to “honor and remember” Sullivan North, whose building will become the new Sevier location in a few years.

Adding gold to the school colors would mean adding gold to anything that features those colors: uniforms, fanwear, and even the school mascot. Everything would be different, and nothing comes without a price.

If the KCS Board of Education decides to add gold to Sevier’s mascot and school colors, then the school will have to order new sports uniforms to incorporate the new color. Cheerleading, basketball, football and every other sport would have to receive new uniforms.

This is a pricey idea. The cheer team gets new uniforms every seven years to save money. Sevier’s basketball and football teams use the same jerseys every single year for many seasons, as well. Now, suddenly, the school is supposed to use a new logo and buy all new sportswear.

Several online sporting goods websites show that uniforms can cost up to sixty dollars per jersey. According to howmuchisit.org, “ordering full basketball uniforms that have been pre-designed from a company such as GTM Sportswear will cost anywhere from $25-$60 per uniform.”

That’s a lot of money per person.

Sevier’s jerseys and uniforms alone could cost up to $4,000 per team. And since the school would have to update all uniforms at the same time, the price tag could range from anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000.

According to Marty Moore, Sevier’s athletic director uniforms are purchased on average about every 4 to 6 years depending on the sport. The sky’s the limit on uniforms in regards to pricing. They can go incredibly high depending on the style and if it is a stock uniform or not.

Sevier has a uniform rotation because of this expense. This allows Sevier to purchase one team set per year.

The new Sevier building will also need a lot of renovations and repairs. Millions of dollars are needed to get the building ready for its new Kingsport students. It seems like a bad idea to waste money on changing school colors when there are more important issues that need the money.

Why spend all that money on updating colors on the jerseys when the athletic facilities need money to be renovated? Why not focus efforts on making this building the best place it can be for Sevier Middle students, rather than worrying about the former owners of the building?

Adding new logos and colors also means taking away everything that only had red and white on it. Generations and generations of students have been schooled and taught at Sevier. Those people made many memories and traditions in red and in white.

Meanwhile, the former Sullivan North students have a brand new school to call their own. West Ridge High School appears to have school colors based on blue and white. There is no gold in sight.

It seems silly that Sevier Middle school should keep a tradition alive that the former students of Sullivan North don’t keep alive themselves. Since it is Sevier’s building now, the students heading there in two years shouldn’t have to keep a single bit of Sullivan North.

Kingsport City Schools needs to let Sevier Middle be Sevier Middle and start focusing on the important work of getting the building shipshape for students.