Bathroom passes are a good idea

Bathroom passes are a good idea

Bobbi Lotspeich

Walking into a restroom at Sevier Middle is odd. It doesn’t even feel like a restroom. Students are no longer taking a bathroom break. Instead, the restroom is an opportunity to hang out with friends after sitting in class for an hour, or to scroll through social media on a device.

While most understand the need for breaks from educational overload, many students take advantage of their restroom breaks.

During transitions between classes, students enter the bathroom to find kids crowding the sinks, while others wait for a stall to open up. Some students talk about everyday things like fights or drama. Many are not using the bathroom at all; they don’t have any intention to use the restroom.

Students go into the bathroom to express themselves and their feelings instead of in the classrooms with their peers. While in the stalls, kids tend to draw on the stalls doors with inappropriate images or write inappropriate words.

Students have now started to steal soap dispensers, based on trends seen on TikTok, and leave the water running in the sink to cause an overflow onto the floor.

Many students at Sevier are tired of the few who keep ruining the restroom for them.

“I don’t like the fact that students are abusing the bathroom breaks,” Zoe Tomlinson, an 8th grade student, said. “It’s wrong and it hurts those who actually have to use the bathroom.”

Students also just use the bathroom to socialize with their friends or play on their devices. Many use it to skip class altogether. For them, the restroom is a place to hide from their assignments and teachers.

“I think taking bathroom breaks is okay but frequent bathroom breaks like multiple times is not okay,” Langley Brent, another 8th grade student, said. “I think going into the bathrooms and breaking stuff is dumb because it’s just more work for the maintenance department and just generally a dumb idea.”

Bathroom passes provide a way to track students when they’re using the bathroom. Obviously, it is important to track students. Bathroom passes help control the vandalisms in Sevier Middle’s bathrooms. They also help teachers keep students in class, where they learn important information.

These passes help make sure that bathrooms will not need to be closed down.

Until students respect their bathroom privileges, it is important that they use bathroom passes.