Bathroom passes are a bad idea

Bathroom passes are a bad idea

Jack Venzon

Bathroom passes are meaningless pieces of paper. These slips of simple white paper have a big impact. For one, they destroy bathrooms. Trouble rates in the lavatory increased the moment bathroom passes were handed out.

Bathroom passes started in the seventh grade in the early months of 2021. Seventh grade teachers and even some related arts teachers came together to talk about a recurring issue: bathrooms.

The bathrooms themselves weren’t any trouble, but the constant asking to go to the bathrooms was. This may seem like a normal thing because, well, nature calls sometimes. Soon enough, however, almost everyone in the classroom would be in line to use the restroom.

Teachers discovered that both girls and boys were sitting in the stalls recording Tik Toks, having “secret” friend meetings, and vandalizing the bathroom walls. This was a huge blow to the teachers. So, they came up with an idea to try to stop these gatherings and activities: bathroom passes.

Of course, people would think that the childish idea of having to have a bathroom pass would cause people to use their bathroom privileges responsibly, but actually the opposite happened.

The bathroom passes limited the amount of times a student could use the restroom from an infinite amount to only two times per day. This may seem like a problem for students, but they found ways to sneak more bathroom breaks and passes.

Some teachers keep a stack of passes on a table for people who lost their first pass. While students who are truthful and actually lost their pass get another one, others who aren’t as truthful grab multiple passes at a time.

This means that when they have one pass, they get two breaks at a time, but since they have three or four passes, they can sneak 4 to 8 more breaks each day.

Teachers also do not always print the passes with the students’ names on them, making sharing the passes between friends possible.

People have also taken advantage of these breaks. They bring writing utensils to write on the walls, floors and stalls. If people don’t have these things, there have been reports of students smearing feces on the walls.

Despite these childish behaviors, seventh graders should be mature enough to use the bathroom the right way.

Overall, bathroom passes should be abolished. This should happen because students only use them in the wrong way, not the way teachers intended.