Students should be allowed to choose related arts classes

REQUIRED RELATED ARTS. Several Sevier students participate in gym class. All students have to take at least one quarter of gym per school year.

Calli Venzon

REQUIRED RELATED ARTS. Several Sevier students participate in gym class. All students have to take at least one quarter of gym per school year.

Aubree Puckett, Yearbook Editor

Every year, students wait to get a related arts class that they like. Usually, they don’t. There are not a lot of choices at Sevier Middle for related arts classes. John Sevier Middle needs more teachers to teach additional related arts classes. That way, students could finally have a choice in which related arts classes they take.

Students have to have gym class every school year. That is simply a state law. Students should be allowed to choose if they have gym class each school year. Not every student is athletic or even likes gym.

Schools should add more related arts classes like cooking, French, a cappella singing, Latin, and more. Right now, Sevier Middle only has one foreign language, for example; Spanish. What about students who want to study a different foreign language?

Students having more choices for related arts classes gives them more opportunities to learn. Right now, students in band, orchestra or chorus only have one “choice” in related arts classes. Of course, they don’t really get to choose. The counseling office makes the choice for them.

Students should be allowed to choose their own related arts classes because it helps them prepare for the real world. Students would be more motivated to work on learning material that is of their own choice.

Allowing students to pick their own related arts classes would also make them more eager to come to school. This would lead to less absent kids and less kids would skip classes.

Students would work harder to earn better grades. Students have different minds with different interests. When students get to pick their classes, they are more interested in the class than in something they don’t get to choose. Students also tend to focus more in classes when they are actually interested in the topic.

Students’ behavior would also be better because they are doing something that they enjoy. Students would take more responsibility for their work, they would achieve more and would challenge themselves with classes they can pick.

When students are engaged in learning something that they like, their brains are able to process their learning more easily. When students don’t have choices, their learning is limited. Students also get bored more easily in classes they don’t like. With classes they like, students won’t get bored. A student that likes art or music shouldn’t be put in a technology class.

Students rarely like the related arts classes that they get. When they do like a class they didn’t choose, they don’t have a chance to choose something similar for the next quarter. If students can choose “electives” in high school, it is time that they can choose related arts classes in middle school.

Sevier Middle needs to add more teachers to finally provide a choice in related arts classes for students.

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