School vouchers are a good idea

Grayson Sadler

School voucher programs work by providing students, usually from low income families, a government funded scholarship to attend a private school rather than a public school. Tennessee has voted to try a similar program, called “Educational Savings Accounts”.

Governor Bill Lee has stated that nearly one-third of students born into poverty do not finish high school. The governor believes that children who do not graduate from high school will probably stay in poverty.

Low income students deserve the same opportunities as every other kid in Tennessee. The governor is correct. If every kid was suffering from poverty, then no one would make it out of high school.

If no one makes it out of high school, then no one would be able to get a job and survive on their own. That is why his plan will enable low income students from the most underperforming schools to attend an independent school of their choice at no cost to their families.

This is great, because now kids with no money can still get good grades and be successful at life. One of the great things about school vouchers is that there’s a choice. Parents get to pick their child’s school based on what is best for him or her, and it won’t cost them a penny.

Private schools are usually very expensive. It can cost $13,000 or more to attend such schools. The reason they cost so much is because they’re usually very good schools. Low income students usually don’t go to these schools because it costs so much. That’s what the ESA plan will fix.

The ESA plan also starts competition. For instance, since any kid can go to any school, then both private and public schools will have to get better to get students who want to enroll.

Some may say that this will take money away from public schools, but actually, this plan will invest at least 25 million new dollars in public schools to fill the gap when a student transfers to another school. This is awesome because it will provide new incentives to schools, and provide thousands of opportunities for students.

The ESA plan will be great for the state of Tennessee and children suffering from poverty. It just wouldn’t be fair if wealthy kids go to good schools and low income kids don’t because they simply can’t afford it.

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