The border wall is a good idea

Alyssa Colhoun, Staff Writer

President Trump wants to build a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico. He believes that illegal immigration is causing problems in the country. Congress refused to give him the money to build this wall. This dispute is caused the 35 day government shutdown and Trump’s call for a state of emergency.

Many people are opposed to President Trump’s border wall proposal, but they do not see why building a wall would actually be good for the country.

Building a wall could provide many benefits. For one, it could help decrease the number of illegal immigrants in the country. Many people assume that all immigrants are illegal, but this is not true. There is a way for an immigrant to live legally in the United States by going through the process of either becoming a citizen or applying for permanent resident status.

Although some of the immigrants from mexico go through the process to become legal immigrants, many are illegal and some are criminals. Also, a wall could also be beneficial to Mexico to try to prevent some of their problems such as drug cartels.

In the year 414 A.D., the capital of the Roman empire, Constantinople, built a wall that protected the city for over 1000 years, until 1453 AD. The Great Wall of China, built in the year 375, successfully protected China from the Mongols, and much of it is still standing today as an international landmark. These examples show that the majority of border walls worldwide have had a positive impact.

Congress doesn’t want to pay five billion dollars to keep out illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, according to president Trump, the United States spends over 200 billion dollars per year on illegal immigrants. The non-profit Heritage Foundation’s 2013 study estimated the annual cost at $54.5 billion per year.

How many people open the doors of their house to the community so strangers can come in whenever they want to? The answer is none.

Without a wall of some sort to protect the border, the United States is essentially opening its doors to allow people from anywhere in the world to come into the country whenever they please.

Many people do not realize that in addition to benefiting and protecting the United States, a border wall would also help Mexico and other Central American countries. It would help decrease the drug trade, human trafficking, and many other problems by controlling who and what is allowed past the wall.

For years, America has been allowing illegal immigrants to work and receive a free education in the country, but that totally defeats the purpose of helping immigrants becoming legal residents.

It is also very unfair to the immigrants who went through the effort to come to the country legally. Becoming an American citizen needs a lot of paperwork and time, and getting a green card requires the immigrant to fill out an application then wait to get either approved or rejected. They also both cost quite a bit of money for becoming an American citizen.

Either everyone should have to go through the immigration process or no one should.

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