School backpacks are not too heavy

Charles Deng, Opinion Editor

Backpacks; this is what students complain about all the time. Although they may be a little too heavy, they do not weigh 100 pounds, as many students like to say. Truthfully, backpacks are not that heavy.

Most students complain about all the textbooks and supplies they need to carry. In reality, they don’t need all those textbooks. Most teacher have a class set of textbooks, so the students do not need to carry their books with them.

Many students don’t even bring a backpack to school, so they really should not complain. Also, most students only need to carry their binder and their computer. For many classes, that is all they need.

Some students complain about papers and the books they need to bring to read. Yes, there may be a lot of papers, but most of the papers they carry around may be old or not useful. Students don’t need to carry a 3 pound stack of clean paper around with them to every class, either. Most of the time, the teachers pass out papers for students to take notes or complete assignments.

Parents worry about the weight of the backpack on the shoulders of their child. A heavy backpack may lead to health concerns and can cause back and neck pain. In middle school, backpacks usually weigh around 10 pounds. Think of it as the weight of your average housecat.

According to the Washington Post, a students backpack should only weigh about 10% of the student’s weight. This means that if the average middle school student weighs 110 pounds, he or she should only carry an 11 pound bag.

Although there are some students that do have a pretty heavy backpack, students in a middle school environment tend to carry unnecessary supplies.

Students at Sevier Middle and other schools in Kingsport are lucky because the Kingsport City School System provides the students with ChromeBooks or laptops. These devices can cut down weight by several pounds, getting rid of now useless papers. Teachers now have the capability to transfer all of the several pounds of paper into digital files.

All in all, backpacks can be heavy, but for middle school students who go to Sevier Middle, the weight won’t ever be a concern and shouldn’t weigh them down. There is really no reason to complain.

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