News briefs

Seth Kinsler, Staff Writer

Facebook working with medical institutes
According to CNBC, Facebook engineers are currently working with NYU medical institutes to increase the speed of their MRI scans. The NYU medical institutes want the radiation levels to lower during MRI scans. Facebook engineers plan to use neural networks, which are computing methods that works similarly to humans brain. The benefits of the updated MRI scans will be better accuracy and faster speeds.

Terrorist attack near Barcelona
According to the Irish Times, a man in Barcelona, Spain, lunged at the police inside their station with a knife, shouting “God is great”. However, the man was shot before he could do any real harm with the knife. The incident started when the man entered the Cornella station around 4 am. He then attempted to stab an officer with a large knife. Police are treating this incident as a terrorist attack.

September Hurricane hit Hawaii
According to 1992 and 1994 “Central Pacific Hurricane Center” reports, September 1992, had a category four Hurricane named Iniki kill six people while causing 3.1 billion dollars worth of damage to Hawaii. Two years later, another Hurricane caused 15 million dollars worth of damage in Hawaii in September 1994. According to NBC News, in September of 2018, Hawaii battled another Hurricane, Olivia. The Hurricane hit Hawaii on September 11 and brought with it torrential rains, high winds, lightning and flooding.

Virginia teachers prepare to arm themselves
According to The Roanoke Times, the Lee County, Virginia, school board voted to allow teachers to carry guns in classes at school, most likely due to the recent events involving school shootings. Board members believe it would be cheaper to buy guns for teachers than hiring an additional student resource officer for each school. The vote started a conflict between the Attorney General of Virginia and the school system. The Attorney General believes the vote goes against US. law regarding guns on school property, The Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990.

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