Beth Cohen steps in as Robinson Middle principal


Courtesy of KCS

NEW AND IN CHARGE. Beth Cohen, a former Dobyns-Bennett High School administrator, has been named interim principal at Robinson Middle.

ShayLeigh Honaker, Staff Writer

Beth Cohen has recently stepped in as the interim principal at Robinson Middle School.

Brian Partin was the previous principal at Robinson Middle. Partin decided to leave Robinson Middle in September for a new job at University School in Johnson City. After Partin left, Cohen stepped in as the new principal.

Cohen has a lot of experience that prepared her for this job. She has also worked in the Kingsport City district before.

“I was an assistant principal at Dobyns-Bennett High School for a little over 8 years,” Cohen said. “I was responsible for discipline, attendance and academic progress for students. In addition, I have served as a leader on multiple committees in our district.”

The students at Robinson welcomed their new principal warmly on her first day.

“I have been overwhelmed by how welcoming the students and staff are here,” she said. “On my first day, many students greeted me with a handshake and introduced themselves. It was a fantastic reception for my first day with our students and staff.”

Since every principal has their own leadership style, there might be changes coming tio Robinson Middle soon.

“I am currently meeting with all faculty and staff members to discuss the strengths of our school and the areas to strengthen this year,” Cohen said. “We are working together to stay solutions-focused and ultimately make the best decisions to benefit our students.”

While she is excited about becoming the new principal, there are multiple challenges that Cohen has to face.

“The most challenging aspect of stepping into the role of interim principal has been the timing of the job transition.” Cohen said. “It is always ideal to begin a new role in the summer, when you have more time to plan for the coming school year.”

Overall, Cohen is excited about her new job as principal at Robinson Middle.

“I have been so pleased with the positive culture and family environment that is evident here at Robinson Middle,” she said. “The wonderful faculty, staff and students have really made me feel welcome and appreciated during this transition.”

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