Teachers change rooms and positions over the summer

A NEW CLASSROOM. Stephen Williams, left, is one of several teachers who moved into new classrooms at Sevier Middle.

Karla Hernandez

A NEW CLASSROOM. Stephen Williams, left, is one of several teachers who moved into new classrooms at Sevier Middle.

Kylie Moore, Yearbook Editor

There were a lot of different changes at Sevier Middle School this summer. At least ten teachers have changed classrooms, grade levels, or are just brand new to the school.

Annette True moved from 6th grade Science to 8th grade Science, while Jessee Musselman moved from 7th grade Math to 6th grade Science.

Mark Wyatt moved from 8th grade Science to Applied Technology, while Becky Creasy took his place in 8th grade Science.

Chris Carr, Amanda Greer, Stephen Williams, Kaelin Toney, and Jesse McCormick all changed to different classrooms, even though their positions did not change.

In addition, Laura Harke joined Sevier as a 7th grade Language Arts teacher, while Katrina Musick took over 7th grade Science.

Some students don’t like the idea of teachers changing rooms, positions or schedules. Genesis Robinson had True for 6th grade Science and now is again in her class in 8th grade.

“I kind of wanted a different teacher because I have seen them teach and I wanted something different,” she said. “Some teachers have a good attitude and some teachers don’t.”

Other students do like the idea of having teachers more than once.

“Some teachers need to work with a select few students so the students excel,” Nevaeh Michael, a 7th grade student, said.

Lacy Brotherton, a 6th grade student, agreed.

“I think it would be cool to get the same teacher twice because you already know how the class works and you know the rules,” Brotherton said.

Most teachers who made a change this past summer liked the change, too.

“I really missed having outside windows,” Chris Carr, 7th grade World History teacher, said. “I think students benefit from being able to take a ‘mental break’ for a few seconds and look outside. Also, we painted a mural of historical figures on an outside wall. Moving classrooms now allows my students to be able to see the images. I’ve already had students recognize some of them.”

The most challenging part of the change, for Carr, was moving 19 years of his classroom supplies.

Another teacher who liked the change is Kaelin Toney, an 8th grade Math teacher.

“Although I loved my old classroom, it was too small for my math classes,” she said. “So, when I found out that there was a room becoming available, I asked Dr. Flora if I could have it.”

Her favorite things about the new room are the windows that look out over the atrium, and that she is across the hallway from Norie-Anne Young, a Language Arts teacher.

Becky Creasy, an 8th grade science teacher, enjoyed completely changing positions.

“I taught 8th grade for a while before moving to 7th and I am enjoying teaching 8th grade level students again,” she said. “The most challenging part has been learning the 8th grade routines and also not being able to see my 7th grade colleagues very often.”

Every change, however, can have drawbacks.

“I miss having a true team like we have in 6th grade,” True said. “I think 6-2 teachers worked very well together to help students and I miss them and that support. Also, I loved the content we studied in 6th grade, but do not care as much for the 8th grade content.”

Thrilled or not, teachers generally look on the bright side of any change that comes their way.

“Eighth graders are much more mature than sixth graders,” True said. “I used to teach 8th grade math before I moved to 6th grade, and I had forgotten how much kids grow up in those couple of years.”

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