News Briefs

Sevier Middle School recently partnered with Kingsport businesses to build medical kits to use during an earthquake or other emergencies. Each emergency preparedness kit is full basic items that teachers would need during an emergency. Each emergency kit has a cost of $40, but all items in the kits were donated to the school.


Kingsport City School hopes to pay $20 million for Sullivan North High school. Kingsport would convert the building into a middle school. This plan would be part of the first phase of a plan to update all of Kingsport City Schools’ school buildings. KCS would also build another new middle school in the Meadowview community, so both Sevier Middle School and Robinson Middle School would have new school buildings.


There is a new law in the making about religious teaching in school. The bill would require each school board to establish guidelines on how religion is taught in school and to make their lesson plans available to parents. The rules would go into effect for the upcoming school year. In March, the bill was sent to Governor Bill Haslam to be signed into law.


Belgium International Airport was attacked by the terrorist group ISIS on March 23. Many people were injured or killed. This has caused a big disturbance around the globe. All three suspects have already been arrested and charged. This was the second major terrorist attack in Europe after the attacks in Paris in November.


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