Sevier students make new “buds”

One of the newest related arts programs at Sevier middle is the Buds Program. The Buds Program is an opportunity for students to help the Special Education students in Denise Johnson’s class. The students get to go to Special Education classes, related arts, and on field trips with their bud.

There are lots of reasons Sevier students had for joining the Buds Program.

“I decided to join the program because I like helping other people,” Kaitlyn Armstrong said. Armstrong is a 7th grade student at Sevier.

“I joined it because I knew it would be a good experience,” Hope Fulkerson said. Fulkerson is a 6th grade student at Sevier.

The students enjoy working with their buds.

“My favorite part about the Buds Program would have to be just helping out the kids and making friendships with them,” Courtney Compton said.

Some students like the more active side of this related arts choice.

“My favorite part is going outside and playing sports with them,” Andrew Waters, a Sevier 6th grade student, said.

Johnson’s students have a favorite part of the buds program as well.

“[My favorite part is] hanging with them,” Rebecca Garver, a student in Johnson’s class, said.

Sevier students think that the Buds Program is very beneficial to the students receiving help, and the students in the program.

“Yes, I think it is very beneficial to the students that I’m helping because it makes them feel like they have something to look forward to when they come to school, to know that they have a friend,” Compton said.

Johnson’s students enjoy having the Buds around.

“They enjoy me and I like them to come,” Hunter Ball said. Ball is one of the students in Johnson’s class.

“My bud is my best friend,” Britney Goad said.

The Buds help with many different things during the school day.

“They read, spell stuff, and have fun with us,” Garver said.

The 7th grade students helping in the Buds Program go to related arts with their bud.

“In Art class, my bud can help me with my painting,” Goad said.

The related arts teachers enjoy the extra help, as well.

“I enjoy having students that can work with struggling students,” Brad Fissel, Sevier’s Applied Technology teacher, said. “This allows me to be able to work with more students during class.”

Michelle Loudermilk, John Sevier Middle School’s librarian, agrees.

“The student help is greatly appreciated and is a big help in doing tasks that sometimes don’t get done often,” Loudermilk said.

Having the Buds Program as their related arts has taught the students a lot.

“I have learned that you can always help someone,” Armstrong said. “It might not seem much to you, but to someone else, it means having someone willing to help.”

Compton agrees.

“One of the things I have learned is leadership because I have noticed that most of the kids in the class look up to me,” she said.

Johnson’s students really appreciate their buds.

“Thank you for helping us,” Garver said.

“I’m glad you’re here,” Hunter Ball said.






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