Pass the Popcorn: The Martian Review

Pass the Popcorn: The Martian Review

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The Story
“The Martian” is the fictional story of an astronaut named Mark Watney who is a part of the Ares III mission that was sent to go to Mars. A dust storm occurs and the crew has to leave early, but they leave Watney behind, thinking he died in the storm. Now Watney somehow has to get back to Earth.

The Good
“The Martian” includes many things that make it a good movie. One of these is the special effects, which are extremely good, especially during the dust storm at the start of the movie.

Another great part of the movie is the cinematography, which makes it look like Watney is actually on Mars. One of the best things is the writing, though, as the movie stays similar to the book, while also adding a couple of new things.

The Bad
“The Martian” while being a good movie, still has some flaws. One is the start of the movie, which, instead of actually showing the astronauts leaving for Mars, just starts with them already on Mars.

One of the movies noticeable weak parts is the acting. When Watney, played by Matt Damon, is stranded on Mars, he shows little fear of being trapped on Mars. Some characters who are trying to rescue him can seem a little bland.

The Bottom Line
“The Martian” is an enjoyable movie. The movie has good special effects and cinematography, and closely follows the story of the novel it is based on. The movie does have its weak points, such as the weak beginning and the acting.

Overall, “The Martian” is an interesting movie that is worth the watch, and so it gets an “A”.

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