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Jessie Crowe Profile

Katie Lyttle, Staff Writer

February 21, 2018

Jessie Crowe is the newest 7th grade math teacher at John Sevier Middle School. She also advises the Science Olympiad team at Sevier Middle. Crowe has been involved in the educational field for as long as she can remember....

New Technology Specialist at JSMS

Conner Hall, Web Editor

February 14, 2018

The tech support position at John Sevier Middle School has been like the Defense against the Dark Arts post at Hogwarts in “Harry Potter”; it seems there is someone new filling the position every year. This year, the school...

Actress Emily describes recent Sevier production

Meredith Mooney, Staff Writer

February 5, 2018

John Sevier’s fall play of the well-known “Annie Jr.” recently took place. The star of the production was Emily, a talented student actress. “I’ve been acting since about four years old, so easily nine or ten plays...

Student faces the challenge of learning English

Erin Barnes, Staff Writer

November 20, 2017

Imagine moving to a whole new country. Imagine not speaking the country’s language at all. Then imagine having to attend a school in this new country. Rodrigo Nina Ortiz does not have to imagine; he did exactly that when...

Lisa King moves into counseling

Meredith Mooney, Staff Writer

November 16, 2017

Lisa King has moved from being a 6th grade science teacher for seven years, to becoming Sevier Middle School’s newest face in the counseling department. “Along with my interest in science, I have always been interested...

History teacher travels to Washington DC for workshop

Kayla Hensley, Staff Writer

November 15, 2017

John Mallick is an 8th grade American History teacher who recently had the opportunity to be part of a workshop at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. This workshop was a week-long event in June in which teachers, who...

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