Subway Surfer Review

Grayson Sadler , Staff Writer

The game “Subway Surfers” is a favorite time-waster for most students. The storyline of the game focuses on a teenage character spray painting trains. When a police officer starts to chase the teen, it is up to the player to help him escape. This game is available on any mobile phone. Kiloo Games published the app in 2012.

The player controls the main character through swiping the screen. Swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide, swipe left to jump left, and swipe right to jump right. These controls are easy to learn and the character controls are simple.

“Subway Surfers” will never end; it just goes on and on forever. This endless escape makes the game a good time waster.

Gamers can choose different characters to control. As the player gets more coins, he or she can buy different characters to play. This adds some variety; nobody wants to play as just one character.

The game also automatically upgrades all the time. These upgrades include random theme changes. The theme, for example, changed to look like a football field during the the Super Bowl.

The graphics are good, but not fantastic. They are effective enough for the game play, which is what matters. Nobody wants to play a game with poor graphics.

There’s also a social media element to “Subway Surfer”. If players log in to their Facebook account, they can race against their friends that also have the game. This competition makes the game more replayable.

After a while, “Subway Surfer” can get a little repetitive. After playing for a while, eventually the same stuff will began to show up again and again.

The graphics are also always the same. The developers never change up the graphics to look different. Visually, the game gets boring after a while.

There are also not a whole lot of upgrades when the game does update. It’s mainly just the look or theme that changes. The developers don’t change the obstacles or characters that often. They don’t add new obstacles or areas.

“Subways Surfers” is a medium quality game that is good but not great. It can be used as a strong little time-waster, but that’s about it.

RATING: 9+, Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence, NO RATING.