Pass the Popcorn – “A Quiet Place”

Abigail Fanning, Yearbook Editor

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The movie “A Quiet Place” is about a family of five, named the Abbotts, in northern New York state in the year 2020. The film portrays John Krasinski as Lee Abbott, the father and a former engineer. Krasinski also directed, produced, and wrote the screenplay of the film. Emily Blunt, plays Krasinski’s wife Evelyn Abbott, the mother and a former doctor. Cade Woodward and Noah Jupe play the two sons of the family, while Millicent Simmonds plays Regan Abbott, the deaf daughter. All five of them are fearing the sightless creature with a high sense of hearing. The sightless creature is attracted to each slight sound any human makes, including a toy spaceship, so the Abbott’s have to live in complete silence.


“A Quiet Place” is good for the hearing- impaired and deaf, as this film has little to no speaking and uses American Sign Language to communicate for the majority of the film. Representation in the film is also wonderful, as Regan’s real-life counterpart, Millicent Simmonds, is deaf. The music is good, as well. It conveys the tone and mood of each scene. This is especially important because the film is silent. The acting is great, especially considering the fact that the actors are not able to speak. The actors met this challenge of not being able to speak. Facial expressions and body language told the story
perfectly. The film is suspenseful because the audience is constantly waiting for a sound to happen. The moment a sound happens, everything goes crazy.


“A Quiet Place” has a creature that snatches the people who make noise. The creature has no sight and a heightened sense of hearing. The creature was so loud when it snatched its prey, humans making noise, it was too big of a contrast to the quiet movie. It was meant to be startling, but sometimes came across more as an annoyance.


“A Quiet Place” is an excellent film for any person who speaks American Sign Language, or anybody looking for a unique and engrossing suspense film.

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