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“Breath of the Wild” Game Review

Micah Maynard, Staff Writer

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The Story
“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is the newest Zelda game video game producer Nintendo has released. The game follows a long tradition of “Legend of Zelda” games, but reinvents the way the game is played. It was first released as the final Wii U game, and was then released for Nintendo’s newest system, the Switch. It first hit shelves on March 3, 2017.

The game follows Link, the main character, through his journeys in the vast land of Hyrule. After waking up in a cave called the Shrine of Resurrection, Link ventures out and meets an old man. He tells Link that the princess of Hyrule, Zelda, is fighting the evil Calamity Ganon deep within Hyrule Castle, using all of her power to keep him contained. Link’s main quest is to free the Divine Beasts, massive mechanical creatures that were once piloted by four champions one hundred years ago.

It is revealed that Link used to be Zelda’s appointed knight, but after the Champions died, Link was taken to the Shrine of Resurrection to be relieved of his wounds. He must free the Divine Beasts so Hyrule will be safe from annihilation from the Great Calamity.

The Good
The landscape in “Breath of the Wild” is massive. This is the biggest version of Link’s world yet; it spans a huge map, with forests, mountains, deserts, plains and many other areas that the player is free to explore.

Link does not always have to work on freeing the Divine Beasts, the four major dungeons. Unlike in previous games, he can relax from his troubles and explore. Also unlike previous games, Link gains a large variety of tools to aid him, such as many new weapons, bows, and shields. Link can ride horses and board them at stables, and he can now also cook, as he finds exciting new ingredients throughout Hyrule.

The hero can also gain new clothes, which can be cosmetic or have special effects, such as decreasing his temperature so he doesn’t overheat, or making him warmer in cold temperatures. Some clothes increase Link’s stealth.

Another new feature in this game is that weapons can break. Each weapon, shield and bow has a durability rating, and will break after some use. This can be good or bad, depending on the situation.

There are also tons of sidequests that Link can embark on, and all are stored in his Adventure Log. The player can explore Ancient Shrines, a temple-like area which usually involves solving a puzzle to collect a Spirit Orb, items which can be traded for Heart Containers, which increase Link’s health, or Stamina Vessels, which increase his energy. Gamers can also make different kinds of potions and food, some of which can provide stat boosts for a certain amount of time. Overall, the gameplay is great.

The Bad
Although there are many good things about the Legend of Zelda’s newest installment, there are some bad things. Players can’t just pick up this game and play it for an hour or two, then play it years or months later. The game is huge, with Link going on one big quest.

Also, now that the game is more realistic, the bosses do not have certain weak points. You can hit them anywhere you wish. This is good, but also adds to the simplicity of the fights. Overall, however, the boss fights are still very challenging.

There are not many bad things about Breath of the Wild, which makes it a fun environment to explore.

The Bottom Line
Although “Breath of the Wild” takes some getting used to, it is an awesome game. The player is free to explore Hyrule at will, the mechanics are solid, and the graphics are fun.

This game deserves a solid “A+”

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“Breath of the Wild” Game Review