Gamer Generation: Risk of Rain 2

INTO THE DUNGEON. “Risk of Rain 2” is perfect for players who love RPGs and dungeon-crawler games.

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INTO THE DUNGEON. “Risk of Rain 2” is perfect for players who love RPGs and dungeon-crawler games.

The Story

Hopoo Games’ “Risk of Rain 2” launched on August 11, 2020. Much like its predecessor, “Risk of Rain 2” is a dungeon-crawler in which players collect items to power up their character, called a survivor. The player has the choice between 14 Survivors, all with unique kits and strengths, such as the Loader, a melee-type survivor who generates a shield after hitting something.

The story starts with the UES Safe Travels, a rescue ship, as they travel to Petrichor V, the last known location of the UES Contact Light, which crashed in the first game. Safe Travels sends down part of its crew, the player included, to find and secure the crew of the Contact Light. As the crew travels the planet, they use teleporters to travel to different locations, each more dangerous than the last.

They slay monsters such as stone golems and lizard-like Lemurians, using the gold dropped by them to unlock chests which drop items to power up the player. At the end of each stage, they find a teleporter that, when activated, will start a boss rush where the player either has to survive a full minute for the teleporter to charge or slay the boss.

The Good

A key aspect of this game is its replayability. Each run averages an hour, but players can start over and over again. Each run is unique and the order of stages to which players teleport is random. Each chest might have a different item, and the player can pick a different survivor with a different skill set every time.

The 4-player multiplayer aspect of this game is very entertaining because each player can pick a different survivor. This game is great for people who like to do essentially the same thing repeatedly but with a twist every time.

This game also has a lot of secret places and survivors to unlock, which makes this great for people who love to grind out achievements and secrets. These secrets include a dimension where players can unlock artifacts for the game, such as the Artifact of Sacrifice, which removes all chests but monsters drop items instead.

After a player is done with the base game, the player can buy the Call of the Void DLC which adds a separate route. This route unlocks a new final boss and new items. It also includes two new survivors, Railgunner, a sniper-type character, and the Void Fiend, a ghoul-type character who fights against his creators.

The Bad

“Risk of Rain 2″ can get boring after a few runs if players can’t find the many secrets scattered throughout the game. The people who play this game that tend to stick to the main story and not branch out usually find themselves stuck doing the same thing and getting bored faster.

The amount of game knowledge to be average at this game is huge. You need to know what every item does, what weaknesses each survivor has, or if the appropriate things have spawned in that biome. This game must be studied or the player will find themselves confused by everything happening in the game.

The Bottom Line

With all the things that happen and the wide diversity of this game, “Risk of Rain 2” is perfect for players who love RPGs and dungeon-crawler games.

This game deserves an A-.