Pass the Popcorn: “Encanto”




Isaac Tate, Yearbook Editor


In Disney’s new movie “Encanto”, directed by Jared Bush, Mirabel is part of the magic Madrigal family. Everyone in her family has gifts except for her. A candle that provides gifts and a house was created by the sacrifice of Mirabel’s grandfather. Mirabel wants to be just as special as the rest of her family.

When she finds a prophecy that states she could cause the end of the candle that gives them their powers, she goes to Bruno’s prophetic room to find out more. Will Mirabel be able to stop the danger threatening her family’s home?


There are many good things about “Encanto”. The songs of this musical are really catchy and overall well written and performed. Every song was unique, from the more upbeat “Colombia mi Encanto”, to the slow-paced “Dos Oruguitas”, and the fan-favorite “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. Each song was different in its own way that fit the movie.

Each Madrigal family member seems to each have their own unique personality, all shown off nicely. Encanto made great use of characters such as Bruno, Mirabel’s prophetic uncle, to create mystery. Others, such as Dolores, were used to influence the plot.

As for the voice acting, it was good, but nothing amazing. The story writers, however, did a great job in making an original story of Encanto.

While it didn’t have a clear antagonist, it still made a decent plot of inner conflict.


There were some things wrong with “Encanto”. First, the plot at some points could be hard to follow. There were times when the viewer could get really confused. There was so much happening.

While the mystery created a great atmosphere, there are things people just can’t seem to understand. Why didn’t the candle give Mirabel a gift? Why is the candle dying? These questions are distracting from the plot and don’t get explained in the movie.


“Encanto” is a good movie for many reasons. While it is not for everyone, it is sure to be entertaining. There are many questions left unanswered, but it is quite different from other films. Its positive aspects outweigh the negative aspects.