Sound of Music: “Lemon Boy” is a huge evolution for Cavetown



MUSICAL EVOLUTION. Cavetown’s newest album shows his growth as an artist.

Sarah Arreola , Staff Writer

Cavetown is a singer-songwriter whose actual name is Robin Daniel Skinner. He started producing music at a young age and surprised Youtube with his talent. On January 1st, 2018, he released his album, “Lemon Boy”. Cavetown has also released 5 other albums, “Cavetown”, “16/04/16”, “Everything is Made of Stars”, “Live at Hoxton Hall”, and, “Dear.”

Skinner’s style blends indie rock with some pop and uses ukulele. In November of 2019, he hit 2.7 million monthly streamers on Spotify. On his album “Lemon Boy”, he focuses mostly on the pop genre.

The tracks on “Lemon Boy” each tell a story. The title track “Lemon Boy”, for example, starts off talking about a “lemon”, where he found him and that they soon became friends. “There once was a bitter sweet man and they called him Lemon Boy,” the lyrics state. “He was growing in my garden and I pulled him out by his hair like a weed…”

The tracks are very catchy, with the high-pitched melodies blending with Cavetown’s deep voice. In many songs, some of the lyrics repeat, which helps listeners remember them and allows them to sing along.

The use of instruments in this album is soft, but noticeable. Listeners can hear the use of the ukulele in some of the songs and some drums here and there. Each track has its own unique use of instruments.

One of Cavetown’s previous albums, “Everything is Made of Stars”, has a tune on it called “Candle”. Almost a whole minute into the song, it is just music with no lyrics and there is not a variety of instruments. It’s not catchy, and feels more like a poem that’s been sung than an actual song.

The song “10 Feet Tall” on “Lemon Boy”, however, only takes 10 seconds for the lyrics to kick in. It is a lot more catchy, and it’s a better song overall. The album “Lemon Boy” shows how much Cavetown has improved as a singer and songwriter.

Although Cavetown has improved from his previous work, the album “Lemon Boy” still has some flaws. Each song on the album is very different. On most artists’ albums, the songs are very similar or address a common theme. This album isn’t like that.

For example, the songs, “Lemon Boy” and “I’ll Make Cereal” are very different from each other. “Lemon Boy” starts off as a slow and calming song. Over time, the volume starts to increase, and the song becomes faster and more upbeat, with an electric guitar included. However, the song “I’ll Make Cereal” stays slow and calming, and never becomes upbeat.

“Lemon Boy”, is a huge improvement over previous albums Cavetown has recorded, even with some minor flaws. It very much deserves a listen.