Pass the Popcorn: “Annabelle” actors never sold the scares


New Line Cinema

NOT SCARY. The movie “Annabelle”, despite some good ideas, never manages to scare the audience.

Rayna Welsch, Yearbook Editor

“Annabelle” is an American supernatural horror movie. It is a spin-off of “The Conjuring” but also an original movie based on a real, supposedly haunted Raggedy Ann doll. “Annabelle” premiered at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles on September 29, 2014, and released in the rest of the United States on October 3, 2014.

The film’s haunted doll story received a bunch of negative reviews from professional critics. Many felt like it wasn’t as good as its counterpart. Still, it was a hit and earned over $257 million against its $6.5 million production budget.

There are some good things about “Annabelle”. The movie relies on simple things like opening or closing doors and other electric objects and enhanced sound effects to keep the audience worried.

Although its jump scares are poor, it avoided the problems of other movies in this genre, which rely on a lot of visual effects. In the end, those effects make them feel like action or fantasy movies rather than horror movies.

Although there are some good things about this movie, a closer look at the details shows that there are more negative than positive elements.

The actors were not really into their characters. There was simply not enough emotion to make the characters feel real. The main character, Annabelle Wallis, also known as Mia, ends up having a baby that becomes possessed and is even missing at one point in the movie. Still, she doesn’t show the emotion a real mother would. A real mother would be ugly-screaming until her lungs couldn’t take it anymore and crying her eyes out. Instead, Mia barely cried a few tears.

The movie makes a lot of strange, minor mistakes, too. When Mia gives birth to her baby, her baby bump disappears after a few moments. Was there a time skip there? Impossible to tell, but that’s not how that sort thing works.
Another minor detail is that the main characters had an intruder in their house, which sets the whole tone for the movie. Mia is stabbed in her pregnant belly, but the baby is completely unharmed.

In the end, Mia looks like a graceful model, but not a scared woman. Where is the acting?

In the end, “Annabelle” was not a terribly bad movie, but it was more bad than good. It has great quality in some aspects, but the acting is the key element in a horror movie.

If the actors can’t make the script come to a believable, frightening life, not many people will be able to enjoy the movie.

Overall, this movie gets a C-.