“Back in Black” continues to prove why it has remained a classic

EVERGREEN BLACK ALBUM. The music of AC/DCs Back in Black have remained relevant for decades.

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EVERGREEN BLACK ALBUM. The music of AC/DC’s “Back in Black” have remained relevant for decades.

Samson Ogbazghi, Entertainment Editor


“Back In Black” was released by the Australian metal band AC/DC on July 25, 1980. Nowadays, heavy metal has significantly decreased in popularity, but in the 1980s, metal was one of the most popular music genres. The album was a tribute to former lead singer Bon Scott, who passed away 5 months before the album’s release. Brian Johnson is the singer on the “Back In Black” album, replacing Scott. Johnson has been the lead singer of AC/DC ever since.

The songs of “Back in Black” are still popular to this day. It is the second-highest best selling record of all time. Some of the songs are still used in commercials and movies, such as in Marvel’s “Iron Man” movies.


One of the best songs on the album is the title track, “Back In Black”. “Back in Black” is one of AC/DC’s most popular songs. The main guitar riff, played by the lead guitarist Angus Young, is the best part of the song and is iconic. The lyrics, “Forget the hearse ’cause I never die” references how Bon Scott will be remembered for his music, even after his death.

“Hells Bells” is another iconic song, from its introduction of ringing church bells to the driving beat. Angus Young once again propels the song forward with his guitar skills.

Another iconic song on “Back In Black” is “Shoot To Thrill”. The song is also fairly popular to this day, although not as famous as “Back in Black”. The guitar, played by Young, is very upbeat, especially towards the end. Johnson’s singing is also very upbeat and energetic. The song is quiet at the beginning, then builds up and becomes louder and more powerful.


Like many metal music music from the 1980s, the lyrics in the songs in “Back In Black” are very hard to understand. Most of the time, the singing sounds just like plain screaming. Johnson was trying to imitate Scott and would continue to do so for later songs. It is a pretty distinctive way of singing, but for some music fans, it may be an acquired taste.

“Shoot To Thrill”, despite being a catchy song from an instrumental standpoint, is actually about drugs. “Shoot” refers to injection, and “thrill” means to get high. This is a good example of much of the album; the music is catchy and fun, but the lyrics can be pretty inappropriate for younger fans.


“Back In Black” is a good album. It’s fairly energetic and upbeat, even though it can be hard to understand the singing. It is an iconic album for good reason, and deserves an 8.5/10.