Play the game: “Super Mario Party” review

Addison Perry, Staff Writer

The Story
“Super Mario Party” is an exciting and fun game that has just recently been released on the Nintendo Switch. This “Mario Party” is the 11th installment in the series. The previous version of the game came out on Nintendo’s Wii U and was released in 2015.

In “Super Mario Party”, there is no main plot like in the past ten games. The player is competing against three different players to see who can collect the most stars. The game is very similar to a board game, yet on a digital system. There are a total of 80 new mini games to play against family, friends or a computer-programmed player.

The Good
Not only does the Switch version keep the tradition of the other games, this game makes it even more fun. “Mario Party” is a fun board-game, which isn’t like other video games that are out now. Most games are plot-heavy. This game’s goal is just for players to have fun with others.

One of the main features is the variety of game modes and boards. These are very creative and exciting, making the player become competitive against the other players to win the prize at the end of the game.

There are many new ways to play the game, too. Gamers can place the systems side by side for an outstanding and fun experience. Also, with this updated version, the player can take the party online with other gamers.

Additionally, unlike the other versions of “Mario Party,” the player has many dice to choose from. There are the regular dice, that players can use in any other of the games related to the series. These dice goes up to seven.

Also, there are dice that are exclusive to each character. Each character dice has many pros and cons. In the older games, no character dice were used. This makes the new version unique.

Finally, there are a lot of cool and eventful new spaces to land on. In one of the spaces, you can add on a computer-controlled character to add a number to your dice roll. These updates make great additions to the game.

The Bad:
While the game is fun for the whole family and friends, there are some negatives. Players generally need more than two Switch remotes in order to have more than two players. In order to play with the whole family or more than two friends, this requires the player to buy more switch remotes.

A minor complaint is that if the gamer goes up against a computer-programmed player, he or she has to wait for them to be done with their turn for about 30 seconds to a minute, which can get annoying.

The Bottom Line:
Overall, “Super Mario Party” is a very fun game that the player can play with the entire family and the player’s best friends, without being plot heavy like most video games.

Grade: A

Rating: E

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