The sound of music – “Gorillaz: Demon Days” review

Cara Cooper, Staff Writer

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The Story
“Gorillaz” is a band of four fictional animated characters, produced by Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn. The popular band has had many hits, but there’s an interesting, fictional backstory to it.

The animated band all started with the character Murdoc Niccals, voiced by Phil Cornwell. Niccals accidentally injured the left eye of a guy named Stuart Pot, voiced by Damon Albarn. Hed decided to ask Pot to join his band, and Stuart took the name “2D” because of his two black eyes.

While wandering about, Niccals found a drummer for the group named Russell Hobbs, voiced by Remi Kabaka Jr. Hobbs’ friends were gunned down, and their spirits in his body left his eyes white. Finally, Niccals sent out advertisements for a guitarist. Soon, he received a mi-sized box in the mail. Out jumped a very short ten year old girl, voiced by Haruka Kuroda and Miho Hatori. The band agreed that “Noodle” would be her official name.

On May 11th, 2005, “Gorillaz” released an album named “Demon Days”. This album is a fan favorite.

The Good
The album “Demon Days” included the song “Feel Good Inc.”, recorded in 2004 and released a year later on May 9th, 2005. “Feel Good, Inc.” is one of the most original songs “Gorillaz” have produced, and one of their most well-known songs. The song constantly has “sha ba ba da” and laughing in the background, while there is rapping and singing going back and forth.

The song shows how the band tries to make the glumness fade away and tries to have a good time. The lyrics also show that it’s possible to push away people who try to tear others down, and to not let people affect how someone does things in the world.

“Watch me navigate” is one of the lyrics of “Feel Good Inc.” and most likely that means “watch me have a good time”. “Feel Good Inc.” is one of the best songs the band has ever released.

Another song on “Demon Days” is called “Don’t Get Lost In Heaven,” released on April 28th, 2007. The song has constant singing “don’t get lost in heaven, eh, they got locks on the gates, hey, don’t go over the edge, eh, you’ll make a big mistake, hey”. The lyrics most likely are talking about a connection between two people, possibly romantic.

The song doesn’t mention who the connection is between, but the lyrics contain signs that someone left the relationship, and that’s possibly why the song was written. Lyrics like “you’re a whole bad mistake, yeah, you’re a whole one,” show that a relationship ended and the two people regret ever having been in a relationship. The song is very calming and is another favorite on the album.

Most of the songs on “Demon Days” give off a vibe of robotic or energetic music in the background. Some of the songs have a soft and chill groove to it. Many of the songs in the album give off happiness and cheer, while a few sound sad or depressing.

The Bad
In many of the songs, the singing is very muffled and hard to hear. Half of the time, you barely can understand exactly what the lyrics are. Many fans mention the fact they barely understood what the songs were talking about, and had to look up the lyrics to sing along.

The Bottom Line
Overall, “Demon Days” is the best album “Gorillaz” has released. The songs all have their own creativity that may leave some confused, but can be listened to and experienced with different emotions or moods. The album is very energetic, with a kick of rap, and would be recommended to anyone who is into that genre of music.

Rated: -/-

Grade: A

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