Hooked on Books: “When You Reach Me”

Hooked on Books:


The Story
“When You Reach Me” by Rebecca Stead demonstrates the bond of friendship during encounters of opposition, denial and betrayal. The main character, Miranda, has a best friend who seems to be shutting her out. However, Miranda never realizes the reasons for this exclusion until the unexpected twists start to occur.

In the middle of the book, the older character by the name of Marcus can get away with ruining the friendship between Miranda and Sal. While the story unravels, Miranda discovers a connection between Marcus and time traveling. When Marcus saves Sal’s life, will the friendship between Miranda and Sal, her best friend, be rekindled?

The Good
With traveling through time, secret notes and near death experiences, “When You Reach Me” is a great mystery just waiting to be read. Although there are many cliff hangers, this narrative provides many clues to theorize what could possibly happen next. Readers who love a good mystery will want to get their hands on this book to find out if there is a happy ending…or not.

The fictitious character who befriends unlikely individuals actually teach the reader important life lessons. The book is not just a fun read, but also has a great message.

The Bad
The author of this book hardly gives the reader a chance to digest a chapter before a new one begins. The book is fast-paced, and although that is usually a good thing, “When You Reach Me” might actually be a little too fast.

Despite the short chapters, the book has a promising ending; unfortunately, there is no sequel to this book as of now.

Due to the author’s use of foreshadowing, there were a few events in the book that were difficult to follow. These problems are not that bad, so the book is still really good, overall.

The Bottom Line
“When You Reach Me” is a fun, interesting book that deserves an “A”. So, any reader who wants a good mystery to dive into should pick up “When You Reach Me”.

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